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June 28, 2017
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Big Data Connects Brands to the Mobile Customer at Webtrends

Big Data and Mobility at WebtrendsToday’s digital economy demands that businesses identify customers where they are, and engage with them at any time. The days of putting the ‘Closed’ sign in front of the door are long gone. In the digital world, companies are open, even when the business doors are closed.

Data is Always Trending at Webtrends

Webtrends is a digital optimization and analytics company that helps brands and organizations provide meaningful experiences to their customers, whether in person or online. The sheer amount of data that is collected across industries for Webtrends’ customers surpasses one petabyte every six months. Utilizing this data in order to better serve customers not only creates better customer experiences, but also saves money, increases revenue, and helps the business operate more efficiently.

When brick and mortar was the only business model for an organization, it was easier to identify the customer, as they were standing right in front of you. Owners knew their name, knew their families, and knew their buying patterns. However, all of that information was just in the head of the business owner and it was the company’s job to personalize the service only when there was a face-to-face interaction. In today’s Internet of Everything economy, potential customers are everywhere. Consumers expect the same level of personalization online that they get within the stores, if not more. The challenge is taking all of that information that used to be stored in the business owner’s mind, and leveraging it across mobile devices, everywhere.

Connecting to the Connected Economy

Webtrends understands the competitive edge that data provides and helps bring it in real time to their clients, so they can make intelligent decisions and provide the best services to their customers. A data rich business requires a data rich IT environment. With the open source Hortonworks platform and leveraging a commodity solution, Webtrends has been able to save money, while providing its clients an interactive ability to explore mountains of data, interpolate it, and then do something that’s actually actionable with it all.

Whether a person may have a cell phone, a watch, a car, or any other form of mobile device producing data, that all is relevant to a potential marketer. By today’s standards, it is a safe bet that a person does not just have one of these things, but multiple, if not all of them. Finding trends across all of these different systems and making that information readily available is powering the new connected economy. Webtrends is helping to lead that initiative.

To find out how Hortonworks is helping Webtrends and other customers leverage Big Data, check out the case study!

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