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March 15, 2018
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Big Data Powering Blockchain with Machine Learning to Revolutionize the Transportation and Logistics Industry

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an upcoming webinar with Trimble Inc on April 3rd!

TMW Systems, now a part of Trimble Transportation Enterprise, is a leading provider of enterprise software to over 2,000 transportation and logistics companies. TMW’s solutions address every aspect of for-hire and not-for-hire, asset and non-asset based operations. With the backing of Trimble that focuses on a wider range of industries with its global positioning solutions, they have designed an architecture that leverages Hortonworks Big Data solutions and Machine Learning models to power up multiple Blockchains, which improves operational efficiency, cuts down costs and enables building strategic partnerships.

Companies in the transportation industry are challenged to make good decisions quickly, providing competitive advantage through innovation and quality-of-service. To do this, they must improve their ability to store and analyze their data by implementing a global data management strategy. By leveraging big data, transportation organizations can help reduce costs, increase efficiency and prevent problems before they occur.

Trimble leverages the Hortonworks Data Platform extensively to store massive amounts of data but also to create Machine Learning models from the data to feed into their Blockchain. Data is ingested from multiple sources through Apache NiFi, but are then correlated to create interesting insights and actionable intelligence. This session will be useful for anyone interested in learning how the convergence of Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and BlockChain can support Modern Data Architectures through connected data systems.

Timothy Leonard, EVP Operations & CTO, at Trimble Transportation Enterprise will share how this Blockchain-driven architecture has immense benefits in use cases across the transportation and logistics space, such as Contract Freight RFP/Bid/Award/Commitment tracking, Farm-to-Fork models, Food safety and other logistics planning and execution scenarios. Hear about how one of their carriers was able to save over $3.5 million a year with slight adjustments to their assets, enabled by a smart contract in the Blockchain system.

Timothy has over 30 years’ experience in configuration management planning for Information Management Systems, Operational Data Stores and Order Entry Systems. He has been showcased in over 40 media outlets, was a keynote speaker at last year’s DataWorks Summit San Jose, and was chosen as the 2017 recipient of a Data Heroes award in the Data Visionary category.

This will surely be a webinar that you won’t want to miss, register today!

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