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September 28, 2016
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Do you have a Big Data Problem?

Hortonworks Big-Data Maturity Scorecard v2.0

The fourth Industrial revolution is here, and competing to succeed in the 4.0 ‘digital’ world entails making the right decisions based on data driven pointers, to successfully implement your strategy. As we work with the entire stack of Fortune 100 organizations, we often see companies—particularly those operating across business lines with complex lines of businesses and/ or looking to break into new markets or asset classes— struggle to answer two questions:

  • ‘How to innovate’ using the rich trove of data that they already have
  • ‘Which systems and processes to renovate’ to get the best value for their investment

The Solution

Hortonworks Big Data Maturity Scorecard fills the knowledge gap. It gives you a better understanding of the opportunities unique to your business, and helps comprehend ‘how the maturity of your organization enables or inhibits your ability to strategically pursue big-data enabled business transformation programs aligned to your business goals.

Through our Big Data Maturity Scorecard v1.0 we’ve aggregated 350+ unique responses from our clients across the entire spectrum of industries, domains and business functions. Enhanced by insights from businesses across the world we updated our algorithms to now come up with a cutting edge, dynamic tool, Hortonworks Big Data Maturity scorecard v2.0, that not only helps you understand your current and future state big-data readiness, but also gives you profounder, granulose discernments to help you better maneuver through the big-data preparedness maze via a structured approach and a focused lens.

The Impact:

BDMS v2.0 helps organizations zoom-in on their Big – Data proficiency alacrity through enhanced topographies, easy to use smart graphics and gritty details. Here are a few examples:

  1. Zoom-in Lens: Most of our largest customers are organizations that have multiple business lines and run each BU independently. A lot of what we were hearing in market was a need to zoom-in across capabilities for each of the maturity stages. BDMS v2.0 goes deeper than the over-arching organizational/BU level preparedness to a KPI driven action implementable action item level. Smart interface tools such as sliders across each of the capability lines allows you to play through the landing page and decreases the effort to fill out the survey.

    Smart sliders allowing to change your responses as many times as you want
    Smart sliders allowing to change your responses as many times as you want
  2. Industry specific maturity stages: We understand that every industry is different and is at a varying level of maturity from a digitization, data generation and collection, IoT play and big-data readiness. We’ve therefore created, using the exhaustive bank of responses we’ve amassed across each of the facets of the maturity scorecard model, Industry specific maturity stages. What it means is that as a customer you will have an improved peer benchmarking across the maturity stages, and an augmented view of what’s happening across the industry/ies that you’re competing in. We now have industry specific maturity stages for the following industries:
    1. Financial services (including Retail Banking, Capital Markets and Asset Management)
    2. Government
    3. Healthcare (including Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Tech)
    4. Insurance
    5. Retail (Grocery retailers, Fashion and Apparel Retail and E-Commerce)
    6. Internet / Software
    7. Telecommunications
    8. IT services
    9. Business Services
    10. Education
    11. All other industries

We continue to expand this list as and when we get significant mass of responses for the other Industries and publish the new ones in due course. The goal is to have Industry specific maturity stages for each one of our client Industries

  1. Dynamic scorecard: Industry landscapes are evolving at a rapid pace, and traditional business models are getting disrupted at an even nippier speed. BDMS v2.0 takes into account responses from customers and updates the models and consequently the maturity stages automatically making it fully dynamic and compliant with the changing needs of the day.
Representative final report that changes over blocks of time for every industry
Representative final report that changes over blocks of time for every industry

Blending all of these strategic ingredients into a compelling big-data strategy will require ambition to outperform the market, tailored analytics, granular understanding of individual markets, and flawless judgment. Hortonworks aims to empower executives who are able to combine these inputs and have a realistic chance of beating the market. Use the link below in mapping your big data strategy:

What are our customers saying?


“Hortonworks Big Data Maturity Scorecard v2.0 enlightened me about the numerous tasks that need to be done to help our clients get maximum value out of their data in a very elegant and friendly way. I thought I had the full picture but the scorecard helped me fill the gaps.”

  • Dennis Groot, Portfolio Manager, Data Management, KPN

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