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January 30, 2017
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Boost Apache Hadoop Hardware Performance 2X with SmartSense

Hortonworks SmartSense provides proactive recommendations that improve cluster performance, security and operations. As 30% of issues are configuration related, Hortonworks SmartSense makes an immediate impact on Hadoop system performance and availability.

Join us on Tuesday Feb 28, 2017 to learn how SmartSense helps increases efficiency of Hadoop hardware through customized cluster recommendations. Paul Codding, Product Manager for SmartSense will explain how it helped a company processing 60 TBs of data every day,  double their YARN throughput and cut their number of pending jobs in half.

Hortonworks SmartSense Webinar on Feb 28, 2017:

  • Introduction to Hortonworks SmartSense
  • A case study on 2X improvement
  • Guide to proactive Hadoop management and higher system availability
  • How SmartSense enables HDP operators to make better long-term business decisions
  • Open Q&A about SmartSense

About the speaker:

Paul Codding, Director Product Management, Hortonworks SmartSense

Paul Codding has over 5 years of big data experience, originally as a solutions engineer helping enterprises deploy Hadoop into production environments at scale. Paul has worked with Hortonworks largest customers to help them succeed with Hadoop and is a certified Hadoop developer and Hadoop administrator. As the product manager of Hortonworks SmartSense Paul has key insights into the enterprise needs of a worldwide Hortonworks customer base and will be available for Q&A as part of the live webinar.


Arun Kumar says:

I would like to join this event.

Anna Yong says:

Thank you so much for your interest. Please register directly here:

Sainath says:

Am interested in Data and looking for participating in the Webinar

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