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September 05, 2018
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Building a Cybersecurity Eco-System on a Shared Data Platform

In recent years, the number of cyber security vendors has multiplied, nearly as fast as the number of attacks. With this profusion of new tools, security practitioners are faced with complex buying and implementation cycles, and integration challenges across increasingly numerous silos.

It’s not just our attack surfaces that are increasing thanks to new, and more porous technologies. Our defence tools are also becoming more numerous, complex and harder to manage. New platforms mean new agents, new dashboards and new alerts. All the extra tools usually mean new silos of data.


At Hortonworks, we have long believed in removing silos, and a data-driven, platform-driven approach to solving business problems. This same approach is what we need in the cyber security community. Open source, our core belief, has been shown time and again to be a successful way to build extensible platforms and create a rich eco-system of solutions that work together on a common core. This was the goal behind Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform (HCP), a real-time Security Data Analytics Platform powered by Apache Metron and big data technologies.

Our platform has always focussed on extensibility around a core common data source, and open access to allow other vendors to extend around, inside and on-top of a centralized security system. Instead of plugging in more black boxes or installing new collectors, we plug in smart algorithms to generic interfaces.

However, centralized platforms can be hard to implement. Extensibility and flexibility sometimes come at a cost of complexity, and the learning curve can be high. As the world of threats moves fast, security departments do not have the luxury of long projects to setup grand SIEM platforms. They need fast implementations and quick-win security outcomes against near term threats, and grow with their growing needs.


We are pleased to announce a great step forward in our collaborations with the ecosystem. Working with industry partners with deep hands-on experience of the security problem space, we are building on top of our core HCP platform to bring turn-key outcomes. With Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform at the core, Elysium Analytics on top brings out-of-the-box NIST (and other framework) compliance, machine-learning based UEBA and threat hunting capabilities. Zoomdata adds in advanced visualization, situational awareness and deep link-based threat hunting to the core real-time data management and profiling strengths of the Hortonworks platform. Since security departments rarely want to add yet more to their hardware management load, we have also partnered with PSSC labs to produce one of the most price-performance optimized appliances to run this stack.

It is exciting to see how an open-source platform can inspire and enable the collaboration of many organizations to solve the cyber security problem. Openness also proves once more to offer scalability, extensibility and a strong investment in the future. Security departments can’t afford to ignore the rate of evolution on the threat side, but with the power of open source eco-system, now they can afford to keep up, and stay ahead of the game.

Over the next few weeks, we will have blogs from a number of the new partners building successful solutions on top of the Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform, each bringing their unique value, and each contributing to the greater whole of a shared security data analytics platform.

To learn more about the joint solution

Please visit the Hortonworks booth at Strata Data Conference in New York from September 11 – 13, 2018.

  • For solution demos, please visit the booth at 4:00pm to 4:30pm EST on 9/12, and 2:30pm to 3:00pm EST on 9/13.
  • For more information, please pick up the data sheet at the booth during the conference.

We are also hosting a joint webinar with Zoomdata,  9/26 at 2pm ESTRegister here.

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