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October 19, 2017 | Shelby Khan | Dataworks Summit

7 Sessions From DataWorks Summit Sydney You Should See

October 18, 2017 | Kevin Jordan | Hortonworks Case Study

How Much Can You Trust Your Big Data?

October 16, 2017 | Matt Spillar | Hortonworks Case Study

Leveraging Data to Make Decisions in Financial Services

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There are myriad of use cases for Big Data applications across industries. For example, financial companies want to analyze Governance to assess levels of risk and compliance.  Transportation companies want to analyze overall logistics for optimization.  Oil and Gas companies supplying energy want to predict machine failings to reduce risks of outages. Insurance companies will […]

Dan Rosanova is a Senior Architect at West Monroe Partners, a Hortonworks System Integrator and our guest blogger. With the release last week of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.3 for Windows the Big Data ecosystem takes a large step forward to broad adoption in enterprise environments.  As a systems integrator at West Monroe Partners, I […]

By now, your Hadoop skills are becoming honed thanks to the effort you’ve put in, and we hope the Hadoop tutorials in the Hortonworks Sandbox have been helping you along the way. Today, we’re taking the next step in our quest to help you learn more about Hadoop: introducing the Hortonworks Sandbox Partner Tutorials. The […]

Wishing Eric Well

I’d like to share some thoughts on the recent news that Eric Baldeschwieler has decided to leave Hortonworks. I’d like to start off first by thanking Eric for his contributions to the Hadoop community since its inception over 7 years ago, and I’d like to express my personal appreciation for his help in getting Hortonworks off […]

After the break in the glorious hot weather we want to banish the rain and thunderstorms and bring back a lazy sunny London, so a few of us decided that it was time to hold the first “Big Data Lunch in the Park” summertime meet-up. Register here at  Grab your lunch, divert your phone to […]

[View the story “Day 0 at Hadoop Summit 2013” on Storify]

We are delighted to announce a new round of funding led by new investors Tenaya Capital and Dragoneer Investment Group, with participation from our existing investors Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures and Yahoo!. I could not be more excited about the opportunity in front of us.  The market reception of our business model and strategy of ensuring […]

What is the value of Hadoop to your business? What value lies in your big data? There are a MANY definitions of big data out there.  In fact, we have published two of them to our blog alone and I am sure we can dream up of a few more.  However, when it comes down […]

Hadoop Summit 2013 in San Jose is approaching quickly and in just a few weeks attendees will have the opportunity to learn all of the up and coming advances in the world of Apache Hadoop and Big Data. You can still register here! Here are ten great reasons to pencil “Hadoop Summit 2013” into your […]

Or as it’s more commonly being called: Week-ish in Review. Let’s recap on the latest – there’s some juicy technology goodness here. Delivering on Stinger: Phase 1. Just this week, Hive 0.11 has been released. Owen (@owen_omalley) brought us the news that 55 – yes, fifty-five – developers from across the community have addressed 386 JIRA tickets and […]

And we are just about done with this week. But not quite – dig into the conversation from the past few days. Hadoop Summit. We published the vast majority of sessions (70 so far) for the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, 26-27 June. The sessions stretch across 7 tracks from Architecture to Economics and we hope […]

Almost time to spend a relaxing weekend in the garden, or crushing some data in your garage-based homebrew Hadoop cluster – whichever you prefer. But before we choose our path, let’s take a look at the last two weeks of happenings (I was lost in Oregon last week). Hadoop is the perfect app for OpenStack. […]

PORTLAND – The Rose city is a great place and this week it got even more interesting with the OpenStack Summit in town. I am more a data geek and very rarely do I venture down the stack into infrastructure, but wow, there is something cool going on with the OpenStack community.  I couldn’t help […]

The convergence of big data and cloud is a disruptive market force that we at Hortonworks not only want to encourage but also accelerate. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Rackspace have been perfect examples of bringing Hadoop to the cloud in a way that enables choice and delivers meaningful value to enterprise customers. In January, […]

The end of another action-packed week and just before we all head off for the weekend then let’s have a recap on the conversations from this week – we hope you’re enjoying them. We’re delighted by the response to our Hadoop Patterns of Use whitepaper and presentation – that really seems to have struck a chord with […]