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November 10, 2017
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Certification of IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) on HDP is a Win-Win for Customers

We are pleased to announce the certification of IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) Local V1.1.2.01 with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.6.3 / Ambari 2.6 on RHEL.  As an important part of the agreement between the two companies, IBM and Hortonworks collaborated on an extensive set of test cases to specifically validate IBM DSX with both Hortonworks Data Platform and Ambari. This version of IBM DSX integrates with Zeppelin 0.7.3 and allows users to configure Livy interpreter to run workloads on HDP clusters (both secure and unsecure). Users also have the option to launch their DSX jobs on either Spark1 or Spark2 HDP cluster.

This certification is win-win for both DSX and HDP customers as it brings a production-ready data science experience to HDP customers and at the same time provides DSX customers access to information stored in HDP data lakes with an enterprise grade compute grid. An increasing number of Hortonworks customers are using to data science to get a greater value from their data and support use cases ranging from churn prediction, predictive maintenance to optimizing product placement and store layout.

Until now enterprises needed a data science platform that can support all the steps in the  process from problem definition to deploying the model into production. DSX fully addresses the entire Data Science lifecycle by providing data scientists a choice of notebooks (Jupyter and Apache Zeppelin) and means to collaborate with other data scientists, learn new tools and technologies through tutorials and deploy Machine Learning to production for Spark, R, Python and other ML languages. Hortonworks customers will now be able to leverage the compute provided by YARN to make a more accurate prediction using entire data stored in the enterprise data lake.

DSX already includes RStudio and Jupyter as notebooks. IBM and Hortonworks are working together to include Apache Zeppelin within DSX. This will offer more choices to Data Scientists.

We have created a number of resources to provide additional information about this certification that you can refer to:

Joint Hortonworks and IBM Webinar From Data Science to Enterprise Data Science @ Scale
Demo Videos
For additional information, please refer to:
  • IBM Data Science Experience Local (link)
  • Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6.3 / Ambari 2.6 (link)

We would like to congratulate and extend special thanks to the development teams from both IBM and Hortonworks for their hard work in successfully completing the certification testing.

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