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February 09, 2015
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Challenges to Hadoop Adoption: If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It

Talend is a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner, and our guest blogger today is Shawn James, director, big data business development, Talend. Shawn and Jim Walker, director of product marketing at Hortonworks, are our guest speakers in an upcoming webinar on Feb. 12th.

If you are a data scientist, MapReduce or Hadoop developer, you are in demand given the massive increase in data science-based projects. These projects are being driven by the private sector of course, but also by a public sector that is looking to tackle a new range of use cases using big data.

The bottom line is this – if you are new to Hadoop, the learning curve can be daunting and represents a challenge for those embarking on big data initiatives. I think Mike Gualtieri from Forrester has an interesting point of view when he says that the skills shortage will disappear (“Hadoop Will Become a Cornerstone of Your Business Technology Agenda”, November 4, 2014).

While it’s true that “learning APIs is nothing new to enterprise Java application developers,” how long will it take them to write optimized MapReduce code? There is a big distinction between “data integration” projects and “app development” projects. And, if you’re taking care of enterprise-scale Hadoop data integration or if you are trying to make your Predictive Analytics run inside Hadoop, MapReduce has a learning curve and is different from coding Java.

The scarcity of expertise is just one of the many reasons why organizations are struggling to get started with Hadoop.

Because of the Talend’s and Hortonworks’ engineering, you can successfully navigate the skills gap and significantly reduce the barrier to Hadoop adoption. We will cover how a low risk, no-cost can help you to leverage your existing IT resources to begin to unlock real value from big data and transform your business.

Register now for the upcoming webinar on February 12 at 10 am PT.

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