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November 19, 2014
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Chart Your Journey to Scale the Hadoop Summit Brussels

A Cosmopolitan Metropolis

Brussels, Belgium, conjures images of a cosmopolitan metropolis, where geopolitical summits are held, where world economic forums are debated, where global European institutions are headquartered, and where citizens and diplomats fluently converse in more than three languages—English, French, Dutch or German, along with other non-official local flavors.


To this colorful collage, add the image of a Hadoop Summit Europe 2015 for big data developers, practitioners, industry experts, and entrepreneurs, who make a difference in the digital world, who fluently code in multiple programming languages—Java, Python, Scala, C++, Pig, SQL, or R—and innovate and incubate Apache projects.

Journey to Scale the Hadoop Summit

In early spring next year, the Hadoop Summit Europe 2015, the leading conference for the Apache Hadoop community, will be held in this metropolis from April 15-16, 2015. Overall, the summit will have keynotes along with tracks divided into six key topical areas including:

  • Committer Track: If you’re a committer and wish to share a deep-dive technical talk with other committers on your Apache Hadoop related project, find out more about the track here and submit your abstract.
  • Data Science & Hadoop: Sessions in this track focus on the practice of data science using Hadoop. If you’re a data scientist or data analyst, find out more about the track here and submit your abstract.
  • Hadoop Governance, Security & Operations: As the core pillars that make up requirements of any enterprise Hadoop and modern data architecture, speakers who wish to speak and share their experience on building and deploying big data infrastructure can find out more about the track here and submit your abstract.
  • Hadoop Access Engines: Apache Hadoop YARN, the data operating system and architectural center of Hadoop, has transformed Hadoop into a multi-tenant data platform. In this track speakers will present both foundational and latest trends for YARN and other key data processing and accessing engines. Learn more about the track here and submit your abstract.
  • Applications of Hadoop and Data Driven Business: For speakers who would like to discuss tools, techniques, takeaways, and solutions to deliver business value and competitive advantage from big data or discuss case studies, learn more about the track here and submit your abstract.
  • The Future of Apache Hadoop: Where is Hadoop going? What innovative projects are under incubation? What industry initiatives are underway? Want to share your vision and ideas with technical leads, architects, committers, and expert users, discover more about the track here and submit your abstract.

In all you have six topical tracks to choose from or submit abstracts to multiple tracks. The deadline for submitting abstracts is approaching fast: December 5th, 2014.

Scale the Hadoop Summit Brussels and savor the glamorous Brussels during early spring. Submit your abstract now!

The Hadoop community is looking forward to hear you speak at this summit.


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