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June 15, 2015
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Cisco and Hortonworks Team-Up to Optimize Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

As businesses continue to create data at an ever-increasing pace, data architectures are strained under the loads placed upon them. Data volumes continue to grow considerably, low-value workloads like ETL consume more and more processing resources, and new types of data can’t easily be captured and put to use. Organizations struggle with escalating costs, increasing complexity, and the challenge of expansion.

This coming Wednesday, Big Data experts will look at how Hadoop is enabling a broad range of organizations to address these challenges. By moving high data volumes to Hadoop, offloading ETL processes, and enriching existing data architectures with new data for increased value, companies can dramatically reduce their costs and build flexible modern data architecture.

Join the Big Data and Analytics Virtual Conference organized by Cisco on June 17, in particular the Hortonworks session from 1 pm to 1:30 pm ET, and learn how Cisco and Hortonworks have teamed up to optimize the enterprise data warehouse, reduce primary storage costs, enable access to historical data, and create new analytics opportunities within the high-performance enterprise data warehouse environment.

 If you are curious about more data topics, don’t miss parts two and three of this virtual event series, respectively focused on operational analytics and business analytics (September 9 and October 7). Register once, access all events.



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