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May 30, 2017
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Clearsense: Big Data Helps Healthcare Companies Avoid Flatlining

Clearsense Big Data

Healthcare organizations must effectively manage mountains of  data of all types, and from countless sources. Clearsense is a smart data organization based in Jacksonville, Florida that re-imagines data analytics to help healthcare organizations realize measurable value from their Big Data.

Big Data Clarity at Clearsense

Clearsense develops cloud-based applications based upon Hortonworks 100% open-source Connected Data Platforms. The benefits of ingesting all types of Big Data in their native formats, and the potential for machine learning, provides Clearsense with critical information that is crucial for keeping the healthcare industry alive.

As Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense, explains, “Hortonworks has helped Clearsense be first in healthcare by providing us the technology that allowed us to be first in actually helping clinicians understand where their patients are at any given point in time.”

The Clearsense team is proud to be first in delivering SMART, real-time streaming data to its healthcare customers. Its Inception™ product makes data available for critical decisions in three areas:

Clinical Decisions – pulling in all relevant patient information in real-time for early detection of patient deterioration to reduce catastrophic consequences and optimize outcomes.

Financial Decisions – tracking organizational KPIs related to financial goals.

Operational Decisions – identifying and eliminating variation in the care delivery processes, providing visibility into current performance to help identify opportunities for improvement.

In our new video below, Charles Boicey showcases how Clearsense uses Hortonworks to deliver real-time streaming data to its healthcare customers.

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