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July 07, 2017
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Commoditizing Your Data: Competitive Advantage for the Small Business

On Wednesday I posted a keynote from Day 1 of our DataWorks Summit, on how a healthcare organization is using Big Data and Hortonworks to deliver precision medicine to its patients.

Day 2 of the Summit was equally as engaging and informative. Tim Leonard, EVP of Operations and CTO of TMW Systems, a Trimble company, presented on the commoditization of data.

TMW is the leading transportation carrier and develops business intelligence and other Big Data tools that offer valuable business insights to transportation application users. These tools are used by some Fortune 100 carriers and extract millions of records daily from many sources.

Small carriers use this data too. Often small businesses miss out on the economies of scale of their data, which gives the large businesses a competitive advantage. TMW gives small carriers the same insights that allow the big carriers to control fuel and freight costs, understand freight or lane movement, and accurately price services.

Missed the presentation? No worries! You can check out the abstract below and watch Tim’s full keynote below, with slides.

Commoditizing Your Data to Sell – a Transportation Example
Abstract: As with companies in nearly every industry, transportation enterprises are challenged to make good decisions quickly, providing competitive advantage through innovation and quality-of-service. Making these decisions requires intuition, information and agility; i.e.,the ability to move in the right direction, right now.

In many respects, this challenge is more difficult for the transportation industry than it is for many others. While there are certainly major players in transportation, data suggests that 91% of all trucking companies operate fleets of 6 or fewer trucks, and 97% operate 20 or fewer. As a result of this extreme fragmentation, getting solid, timely information to serve as the basis for business decisions is very difficult for many companies.

We will look at the way we can commoditize data for the small business to be as competitive as the big guys, like in pricing.

You can watch all of the Day 2 keynotes here.

Check out how other customers are innovating in their industries here.


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