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January 26, 2016
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Community Choice Winner Blog: A Beginners Guide to Becoming an Apache Contributor

A Beginners Guide to Becoming an Apache Contributor

Venkatesh Sellappa, Teradata

My name is Venkatesh Sellappa. My background is primarily application of analytics in the Big Data Space, before either of them was called that. We used to just call it programming. My session is an account of my personal journey into the often contentious and confusing open source world.

Where did it come from and where is it going? What is the economic incentive for people to contribute? How does this even work? Do people just willy-nilly add “stuff” and is it all held together by a piece of string? How does one communicate with the Open Source community? What happens if I don’t know how to code or English isn’t my first language, can I contribute? Do I need to ask permission before I contribute ?

And of course answer to the question everyone is dying to know – Is the open source world made up of wizards with tall pointy grey hats, long grey cloak and a silver scarf and do they know magic ? The answer is, of course not, at least not at this time of the year. They are all hibernating.

So if you are interested in the workings of the open source community,the economic incentives,to understand how a rag-tag band of developers can come up with so much of quality output and how you can contribute to it. Then this is a light-hearted step by step walk through of someone who jumped in after looking from the outside for too long.

I will take the example of my contributions to Apache NiFI and other projects and give my impressions of this exciting journey.

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