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April 24, 2017
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Congratulations Apache Metron Top Level Project

Apache Metron Big Data Cybersecurity Top Level Project

We are delighted to congratulate Apache Metron  – a big data cybersecurity platform – on achieving top-level project (TLP) status in the Apache Foundation! You can read more about the graduation on the Apache site.

Apache Metron is an open source big data cyber security analytics platform supporting real time ingest and analytics to discover information security threats and build out a high value security data lake. Apache Metron helps security operations teams be more efficient by reducing the amount of “DIY” big data and data science tooling necessary to detect threats in real time. Which means it becomes a collaborative platform to help combat hackers (who are likely colluding against you.)  One company leveraging a community approach to security is Telstra. Another is Capital One – who utilize Metron as part of their Purple Rain, to alleviate logging into 30 different systems and after-the-fact forensic analysis to be more dynamic and proactive through a single pane of glass.  (Related article here)

Apache Metron incorporates a range of frameworks and projects built on technology platforms from across the Apache community, including Apache Storm, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.

As with all open source projects, it takes a village to build a community. The same is true of solving the security challenge faced by a modern Security Operations Center. The spirit of sharing and collaboration across many organizations is a key tenet of the Apache way, and graduation to top-level project marks a milestone in building a strong community. We believe this is also the way to succeed in defending enterprise assets from cyber threats, and are happy to be part of a thriving community!


Tom Burton says:

Many congratulations on this achievement, and we are looking forward to the platform going from strength to strength as it moves into the mainstream and gains greater adoption. Moving to an open platform has so much potential to transform SecOps.

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