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June 04, 2018
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How Cox Communications Promotes a Better Customer Experience

We’re a few weeks away from DataWorks Summit San Jose (June 18-21)! We have a number of impressive keynote and breakout speakers lined up. These speakers include Pavan Surapaneni and Chaitanya Vasamsetty from Cox Communications.

Cox Communications is an American owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, providing digital cable television, telecommunications, and home automation services throughout the United States. The company is the third largest cable television provider in the US, serving more than 6.2 million customers.

Breakout Sessions

Pavan Surapaneni will be speaking in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science track about how Cox Communications is enhancing user experience and increasing revenue by improving its targeted video advertisements. The company has been analyzing user viewership habits, demographics and preferences to post targeted advertisements for programming that users are interested in. This drives tremendous business value for Cox Communications, as well as promoting a better customer experience.

Chaitanya Vasamsetty will also be speaking in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science track. His session will cover how Cox Communications is overhauling its network infrastructure to support gig-speed and full duplex bandwidth. This is an extensive project that brings a number of key business challenges, including scaling, repeatability, and traceability.

When asked what they’re most looking forward to about DataWorks Summit San Jose, here’s what they had to say:

“For DataWorks Summit, we are interested in understanding the capabilities of newer products within the HDP and HDF stacks and how we can leverage these for the Data Science and Analytics use cases we have. Our presentation will share how we used HDP & HDF to achieve this, which we couldn’t have done in the traditional ETL/reporting space.

Some of these include real-time integration with customer facing applications, near real-time processing of requests from these applications, and querying large volumes of data. These are common challenges that organizations face and our presentation can help them think through their solution.” – Pavan Surapaneni & Chaitanya Vasamsetty, Cox Communications

Be sure to check out these sessions to learn more about how data is helping transform these businesses. These breakout sessions will surely be ones that you won’t want to miss! Register now and view all the abstracts here.


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