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September 13, 2017
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Data is the Cornerstone for Every Business

In business, numerous decisions are made every day with the goal of being as successful as possible. A wrong move could mean unhappy customers and loss of revenue. With so much at stake, what drives these decisions?

A cornerstone is the first stone placed when constructing a new building. This stone is used as the foundational piece for the rest of the building. All other building uses the cornerstone as the reference point. If the cornerstone is weak or misplaced, the rest of the building is doomed for failure.

In the same way, data is the cornerstone for every decision a company makes. Every service and product that a business introduces has been heavily influenced by the data being collected and analyzed. Insights from data are used for reference to ensure the correct path is followed.

Every company uses data on a daily basis. They know that collecting data, analyzing it, and creating actionable intelligence is the key to remaining relevant in today’s market. Without the information as a guide, they’re unable to properly serve their customers and they’ll be left behind by the competition. A company’s future success hinges on this cornerstone.

Data for the Individual

Not only do companies use data, but consumers use data every day too. Tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon make it easy to leverage some of the benefits of increased data in our personal lives. Our search results, news feeds, and recommended products are specifically targeted to our interests and consumer habits.

Well over half of the Fortune 100 companies, and over one quarter of the Fortune Global 500 companies, leverage Hortonworks’ open source data platforms, HDP and HDF. With Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms, companies can gather data from various sources, analyze data at rest or in motion, and gain actionable intelligence. This leads to the ability to make immediate adjustments to improve their business and better serve their customers.

It all goes back to the foundation, the reference point that drives everything else. For the industry leaders today, that cornerstone is data. Without it, business would crumble.

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