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June 16, 2017
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Clearsense: When Data is the Difference Between Life and Death

When it comes to matters of health, the difference between losing a patient and saving one can be measured in seconds. Clearsense helps healthcare organizations leverage their Big Data, so these organizations can give their patients the best opportunity for life. Check out our new case study on Clearsense!

Clearsense is a smart data organization based in Jacksonville, Florida that is re-imagining and simplifying data analytics to help healthcare organizations realize measurable value from their data. With Hortonworks, they have developed a secure, cloud-based healthcare data ecosystem that rapidly consumes data from an array of sources to provide a real-time view of any healthcare environment.

Taking the Complexity out of Healthcare

Clearsense believes that each data point of a patient must be tracked, analyzed, and delivered in a coherent matter to better inform a healthcare professional’s life-changing, and potentially life-saving decision. That information must be delivered in real time, as it streams from its source. With the right data, and the right data management platform, the complexities of healthcare can begin to unravel themselves.

Building their data systems from scratch, the founders of Clearsense started the company using Hortonworks Data Platform as the basis for their data architecture. The issue of data scarcity and latency that haunts the healthcare industry is what Clearsense resolved. They addressed the industry problem before it became a problem within their own walls. With Hortonworks, Clearsense has a secure solution that satisfies their data streaming needs. Clinicians can now use machine learning without needing to be data architects themselves.

Putting Care Back in Healthcare

Clearsense knows what it means to be first, and be right the first time when it comes to patients’ care. This timeliness and accuracy is mission critical to the hospitals and healthcare systems Clearsense works with each day.

Clearsense needed to address their data problem in three areas: financial, operational, and clinical decision making. Running a healthcare organization can have greater consequences than typical business decisions. When caring for patients, there is no room for error. That’s why Clearsense uses Hortonworks; the open-source approach makes data available to them in all three critical areas of their organization so there is never any second-guessing.

You can read more about how Clearsense leverages Hortonworks to provide real-time streaming data to their healthcare customers in our new case study.

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