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June 13, 2017
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When Data Met Science and Anything Became Possible

Big Data was challenged from the day it was coined…it’s a problem looking for an answer. Likewise, data science presents an amazing opportunity to answer our biggest questions, but its fate has been tied to the breadth, quantity, freshness and speed of the data it relies upon. For years, these competing issues have been left for organizations to solve on their own. No more. Hortonworks executed a major coup in the battle for big data dominance today with IBM selecting the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) distribution for their existing and future customers solving for the data science questions of today.  This is great news for IBM BigInsights customers who will be able to adopt HDP.  More interestingly, Hortonworks will be selling the IBM Data Science Experience aka IBM DSX across our customer base.  This is fantastic news for customers both early and neck-deep in their data science journey.

Clear leaders in data and analytics

The IBM and Hortonworks partnership has more open source committers than the next four players in this space combined. The two companies are committed to collaborating on advancing several key Apache projects including Apache Atlas, Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop, to drive development and spur continued innovation in governance, analytics, and distributed file system processing.  The community gets faster and better innovation through our collaborative efforts.

Data Science

If you’ve already chosen Hortonworks for your big data challenge, this will reinforce that you made the right choice.  If you didn’t, it’s time to jump on board and protect your investment as the world and your space is transformed by data and data science.

Data science and big data

In any success story on data science, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence you’ll find a common, key ingredient: Data. An enormous amount of data. In fact, data science competes on the amount of data it rests upon. It’s the ultimate team sport, making this combination of Hortonworks and IBM a match made in transformation. Call me subjective, but when the world’s largest data and analytics open source contributors team up, there’s a powerful message about open source maturity. The big winners are the community that sees whole new levels of cooperation and every individual and organization on the front lines, tackling the biggest problems conceivable.

Cooperation is also built into the IBM DSX product. It is a collaborative platform that provides a variety of open source tools to accelerate the work of data science through sharing of breakthroughs as simple as code and as complex as models. We’re talking about the same data science innovators and technology that brought us IBM Watson. But this relationship is much more than adding their work to ours. Hortonworks customers have already been busy doing remarkable work in data science, specifically in predictive analytics. Check out the details (here).

Looking into the future

Across every industry there is a pressing, competitive need for data science to drive better decisions and more real-time actions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Many of Hortonworks’ customers are well down this path already.  Read more (here).  As we strive to bring data science to the masses, Hortonworks’ connected data platforms will drive more native integrations with best of breed data science capabilities such as IBM DSX. We’re proud of having this role and the business we’ve built. We’re excited about what’s coming next and we believe that the open source community is bringing the most innovation and value at the fastest pace. Continue the conversation with Hortonworks and the open source community (here).


Mayan Nath says:

Thought provinking and timely.

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