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September 05, 2017
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How Data Provides a Full View in Hospitality

Before making important business decisions, it’s crucial for a company to see a complete picture of what’s going on. To do this, they need to gather the necessary data to make the most informed decision possible. One example of a company who is using data to get a complete picture of their business is DHISCO.

DHISCO is a 27-year-old company created by hotel chains to route the transactions between online travel agents and hotels. They process about 15 billion transactions per month in milliseconds, including hotel room bookings.

The primary data challenge in the hospitality industry is legacy data. Traditionally, the hospitality industry hasn’t embraced advanced analytics, so companies were operating without the necessary data to make the most informed decisions. DHISCO has become a pioneer in the industry, leveraging Hortonworks solutions to improve their business.

Through these solutions, DHISCO has been able to consume more data at a much faster rate. This helps them provide a more complete picture, of both their own business and fresh insights their customers have never seen before. Now they better understand customer booking patterns, the volume of requests, and the yield of those bookings. Instead of operating with an incomplete view, DHISCO has been able to fill in the gaps and leverage available data for actionable intelligence.

One example of this is what DHISCO calls their “look to book patterns,” which is how many times a particular brand, chain, or hotel has to be shopped before a customer ends up booking a room. This ratio tends to be large, and a major focus of hotel brands is to drive that number down.

With HDP, the company has developed an innovative and reliable distribution technology to track bookings, rates, availability and hotel content which has driven new business insights and increased revenue. DHISCO can see their customers’ shopping patterns in ways that weren’t accessible before. This leads to the ability to track and configure certain rate plans between travel agents and hotel chains.

Back in June, we announced that Allyn Moeller, Director BI Product Management of DHISCO, was our Data Hero winner in the Data Scientist category. In our new video below, hear from Allyn as he talks about DHISCO’s journey with Big Data, and why the company chose Hortonworks.

Stay tuned for part two of the DHISCO story coming on Wednesday.

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