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October 26, 2016
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Delivering a Flexible IT Infrastructure for Analytics with HDP on IBM Power Systems


According to a recent Allied Market Research forecast report, we can expect a 32% CAGR in the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) market. This growth will mainly be driven by customers running big data analytics on ever increasing data sets. This allows them to gain new insights in their business, and build competitive differentiation. Throughout IBM’s recent conference, IBM Edge, we heard how new technologies enable customers to deliver new business models, and capture customer insights. IBM has a solid ecosystem that helps them deliver against that vision, and the introduction of the partnership with Hortonworks is yet another proof point. Florida Blue was invited on main stage to share how this partnership will benefit their strategic business goals.


Florida Blue is a group insurance company in the USA going through a transformational journey to capture multiple new business opportunities. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, it allowed them to expand their traditional B2B model of selling insurance policies to companies to also offer health insurance to retailers and consumers. In addition, Florida Blue takes care of processing about 32% of all Medicare claims for the entire country, and started going into the healthcare provider industry by opening clinics across the state of Florida. New technology had to be brought in to support the expansion from selling traditional group insurance to entering 3 new adjacent market opportunities.

CIO’s are looking for cost effective ways to meet the insatiable hunger for more storage and processing capacity driven by new workloads. However, adding more processing and storage capacity in the data center is not only very costly, but is also limited by the physical boundaries of the data center facility. Efficient use of available data center space requires better server performance to maximize processing capacity for the available footprint. This challenge came to life when James Wade from Florida Blue took the stage at IBM’s Edge customer conference.


florida-blue The partnership between Hortonworks and the IBM Power Systems group was a good fit with Florida Blue’s decision on using open source technology for building out their IT platform. By using the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on IBM Power they can bring all of their claims data together for performing fraud analytics. This would allow them to identify patterns that indicate a possible fraud situation, such as invalid or too many prescriptions.

Just like Florida Blue, there are many more customers looking at how open source can help them achieve their business objectives of improving flexibility, cost, and security without being locked in by proprietary software and hardware. IBM introduced the OpenPOWER Foundation to harness the power of a larger ecosystem of partners that will accelerate innovation on the Power architecture. Hortonworks is the only 100% open source Hadoop distribution on the market. By making Hortonworks HDP available on IBM Power Systems we address a growing demand of customers for innovative technology to build a modern data architecture.
If you want to know more about HDP on IBM Power Systems, please join us for a webinar on November 30.


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