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April 18, 2014
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Delivering Omni-Channel Digital Experiences for Retailers using Hadoop

LOOK Innovative is a new consulting partner of Hortonworks specializing in business applications of Hadoop for retail vertical market.

LOOK Innovative concentrates on delivering the complete Omni-Channel digital experience to retailers, which is the evolution of multi-channel retailing. Omni-Channel is a seamless approach for the consumer through all available shopping channels, including mobile internet devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, television, radio, direct mail, catalog and so on. It means that consumers make buying decisions based on information from many sources and may purchase through any of those sources – they might research online but buy at the local store and may research at the store but buy online. To compete, retailers today need to embrace all the channels to meet the customer demands, and deploy specialized supply chain strategies.

The true value for the retailer is the analytical information that comes from all of these sources, and most importantly, the accurate correlation of purchases with marketing campaigns and online browsing behavior. This is why LOOK Innovative partnered with Hortonworks and uses the HDP platform (based on open source Hadoop) for their clients.

Some of the new types of data that retailers will find value from include click stream data and sentiment data:

Click Stream Data. Commonly employed to fully grasp how website visitors study and what they think about when purchasing products. Using clickstream research, online internet marketers can easily enhance product web pages and marketing content to increase the probability that a customer can find out about the products and then click the buy button. With a big record of authentic behavior patterns, Internet marketers can easily evaluate the efficiency of a variety of types of collateral and calls to action — with the self-assurance that their outcomes are statistically significant and reproducible. For a specific item, a video clip may well cause site visitors to purchase more frequently than would a white paper. For an additional product, a white paper might exceed a datasheet. Find out more.

Sentiment Data. Your customers are talking. Sentiment analysis allows retailers to mine Twitter, Facebook and social media conversations for sentiment data about you and your competition, and use it to make targeted, real-time, decisions that increase market share.  Sentiment data is unstructured data on viewpoints, behavior, and perceptions contained in sources like social networks posts, blogs, online product reviews and consumer support interactions. We use sentiment analysis for our retailer client companies to evaluate information on how the general public thinks about their service levels and monitor how those opinions adjust over time. A retailer can analyze sentiment about products, services, competitors, or any other subject about which large numbers of people have an opinion. Find out more.

Hadoop is specifically optimized for these new types of data and when combined and correlated with other retail data become extremely important in creating new digital retail experiences.

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