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November 01, 2011
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Delivering on our Promises

Back in late June when Hortonworks was officially announced at Hadoop Summit, we explained that our strategy was going to focus on accelerating the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop. We made bold statements about the opportunities that Apache Hadoop had to become the de facto platform for big data. We even predicted that half of the world’s data would be processed by Apache Hadoop within five years.

We also talked about how in order for all of that to happen, we needed to address the technical and knowledge gaps that exist. We needed to heavily invest in engineering to make Hadoop easier to install, manage and use for enterprises and more open and extensible for a growing ecosystem of technology and service providers.

Today we are making a series of announcements that are an important first step in delivering on these promises:

Hortonworks Data Platform, powered by Apache Hadoop – As we began to interact with enterprises and ecosystem partners, the one constant was the need for a base distribution of Apache Hadoop that is 100% open source and that contains the essential components used with every Hadoop installation.  A distribution was needed to provide an easy to install, tightly integrated and well tested set of servers and tools. As we interacted with potential partners, we also heard the message loud and clear that they wanted open and secure APIs to easily integrate and extend Hadoop. We believe we have succeeded on both fronts. The Hortonworks Data Platform is such an open source distribution.  It is powered by Apache Hadoop and includes the essential Hadoop components, plus some that make it more manageable, open and extensible. Our distribution is based on Hadoop 0.20.205, the first Apache Hadoop release that supports security and HBase.  It also includes some new APIs, such as WebHDFS and those in Ambari and HCatalog, which will make it easy for our partners to integrate their products with Apache Hadoop. For those new to Ambari, it is an open source Apache project that will bring improved installation and management to Hadoop. HCatalog is a metadata management service for simplifying the sharing of data between Hadoop and other data systems. We are releasing Hortonworks Data Platform initially as a limited technology preview with plans to open it up to the public in early 2012.

Hortonworks Services – To help to overcome the knowledge gaps that exist, we have launched a comprehensive set of support and training offerings. Our technical support subscriptions are unique for two reasons: 1) our support team is backed by the Apache Hadoop experts, the same team that has written and contributed the majority of Apache Hadoop code. They know the software better than anyone else in the world and, 2) our support offerings span not only production support for Hadoop clusters but also enablement support that helps developers and administrators with the design, development and proof-of-concept phases. We are also starting to roll out public training courses, beginning with our first class on Developing Solutions with Apache Hadoop, which is taking place next month.

Hortonworks Partner Enablement Programs – We believe that for Apace Hadoop to become a force in the industry, we must enable a large and vibrant ecosystem. In addition to the open and extensible technology that I mentioned above, we have also launched a series of partner enablement programs that aid ISVs, OEMs and systems integrators by providing architectural and design assistance, training and support.

Hortonworks Partners – I’m very pleased that a large number of leading providers of big data solutions and services have partnered with us and have announced support for the Hortonworks Data Platform. These partners include Datameer, EnterpriseDB, Informatica, Jaspersoft, Karmasphere, Lucid Imagination, Pentaho, Pervasive Software, SeaMicro, SnapLogic, StackIQ, 10gen, Tresata, Vertica, VoltDB, and Zettaset.

The Hortonworks team is proud and excited to be delivering this major launch.  We believe Hadoop 0.20.205 is the best and most stable version of Apache Hadoop ever and we think the Hortonworks Data Platform will prove a great foundation for our customers and partners to build their businesses.  We also understand that there is still much to do. We remain committed to working with the community to ensure that Apache Hadoop evolves to meet the needs of the entire Hadoop ecosystem.

~ E14
@jeric14, @hortonworks 


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