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September 12, 2014
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Developing Applications on Hadoop with Scalding

Hortonworks is committed to collaborate with ISVs and partners to onboard their applications to YARN and Hadoop. As part of the YARN Webinar Series, we have introduced different methods to help you integrate your applications to YARN: Native YARN integration, Slider and Tez. As part of this series, we now offer the opportunity to learn Scalding, with guest speaker from Twitter, who will talk about simplifying application development on Apache Hadoop and YARN.

Register for the Scalding Webinar or register for the remainder of the YARN Ready Webinar series, which includes Scalding and Spark.

Scalding is an extension to Cascading that enables application development with Scala, a powerful language for solving functional problems. A Scala API for Cascading, Scalding provides functionality from custom join algorithms to multiple APIs (Fields-based, Type-safe, Matrix) for developers to build robust data applications. Scalding is built and maintained by Twitter.

conveneyPlease join us with guest speaker Jonathan Coveney (@jco), Sr. Software Engineer at Twitter, who will cover Scalding, and how Twitter uses it to perform a variety of tasks such as traffic quality measurement, ad targeting, market insight, and more.

Jonathan has spent a lot of time maintaining and updating Scalding; in the past, he has worked extensively on Apache Pig. With his deep knowledge in functional programming and developing usable, scalable API’s for data processing at scale, Jonathan is uniquely qualified to provide a strong foundation for those interested in using Scalding for Hadoop application development.

He will cover:

  • Why Scalding?
  • What does a Scalding Job look like?
  • What is the general concept behind Scalding?
  • What does a more complex Scalding Job look like?
  • What are some important patterns to understand Scalding?
  • What isn’t a good fit for scalding?

What’s Next?

  • Register for the Scalding Webinar.
  • Register for the YARN Ready Webinar Series
  • Learn more at Cascading and Scalding webiste

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