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December 11, 2014
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Discover How Hadoop and HDP Help Enterprises

Many types of industries are finding new opportunities from an abundance of new types of data stored at scale in Hadoop, combined with Hadoop’s ability to process that data at lower costs than traditional platforms. Apache Hadoop and the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) can help enterprises turn what used to be data fumes into high-octane fuel that propels their businesses.

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Financial Services: Banks, Insurance & Investment Firms Mitigate Risk While Creating Opportunity
Banks, insurance companies and securities firms that store and process huge amounts of data in Apache Hadoop have better insight into both their risks and opportunities. Deeper analysis and insight can improve operational margins and protect against one-time events that might cause catastrophic losses.

Healthcare: Use Apache Hadoop to Save Lives While Delivering More Efficient Care
Difficult challenges and choices face today’s healthcare industry. Hospital administrators, technology and pharmaceutical providers, researchers, and clinicians have to make important decisions—often without sufficient amounts of accurate, transparent data. At the same time, consumers are experiencing increased costs without a corresponding increase in health security or in the reliability of clinical outcomes. Apache Hadoop makes data less expensive and more available, so that patients have more choices, doctors have more insight, and pharma and device manufacturers can deliver more effective, reliable products.

Manufacturing: Use Apache Hadoop to Increase Production, Reduce Costs & Improve Quality
Manufacturing managers try to do three basic things: increase volume, reduce cost and improve quality. Manufacturers strive to produce a better product while also reducing the cost to produce each unit. Now relatively inexpensive sensors can gather and transmit data along many points in the supply chain and production line. This flow of real-time sensor and machine data allows manufacturers to quickly identify problems as they occur. Our manufacturing customers also analyze historical data on HDP to move beyond reactive error avoidance to proactive process improvement.

Oil & Gas: Firms Maximize Yields & Reduce Risk Throughout the Supply Chain
Fundamental changes in the global hydrocarbon markets drive more production to a focus on shale and other less-accessible deposits. The oil and gas industry must increase CAPEX investment to identify and extract those new deposits while simultaneously reducing the environmental, health and safety risks of bringing that resource to market. Learn how Hortonworks Data Platform can help companies deliver oil and gas more quickly, more cost-effectively and with higher output.

Public Sector: Use Apache Hadoop for Efficient Government and National Security
The open source Apache Hadoop framework is philosophically aligned with the transparency we expect from good government. At Hortonworks we offer one-year support contracts, so we know that every year is an election year for our customers. We work hard to earn that vote by supporting HDP in production and innovating Hadoop to better enable civilian, intelligence and defense agencies to meet their mandates.

Retail: Use Apache Hadoop to Sell More in Stores & Online
When Hadoop is integrated with modern retail operations, it dramatically reduces the cost of capturing, ingesting, storing and analyzing data. Now retailers can analyze enough data to make statistically confident observations on empirical retail data, rather than rolling the dice with customer panels, in-store surveys or focus groups to guess what drives sales. With HDP, they extend their ability to make data-driven decisions across all channels: in their stores, online, or over the phone.

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