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April 29, 2014
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Discover HDP: Join us for 7 Enterprise Hadoop Webinars

Last week’s release of HDP 2.1 was packed with countless new features for enterprise Hadoop. These included new processing capabilities with Tez and Hive on YARN, Solr and Storm, to operations with Ambari, governance with Falcon and security with Knox.

To guide you through these capabilities, Hortonworks is hosting a new series of webinars beginning on May 8 and running to June 26.

You can join any or all of the webinars listed below, and we’ve provided a simple way of signing up for all 7.


Discover HDP 2.1: New Features for Security & Apache Knox

Hortonworks continues delivering the security roadmap outlined on our Security for Enterprise Hadoop labs page. The new security features in HDP 2.1 address the security requirements of our enterprise customers. In this 30-minute webinar, Vinay Shukla, Hortonworks director of product management, and Kevin Minder, Hortonworks engineer and committer for Apache Knox Gateway, will discuss HDP 2.1’s security features, including:

  • REST API security for Hadoop with Apache Knox
  • Next generation Hive authorization
  • Wire encryption enhancements

Discover HDP 2.1: Interactive SQL Query in Hadoop with Apache Hive

In February 2013, the open source community launched the Stinger Initiative to improve speed, scale and SQL semantics in Apache Hive. After thirteen months of continuous community collaboration (and more than 390,000 new lines of Java code) Stinger is complete with Hive 0.13.
In this 30-minute webinar, Carter Shanklin, Hortonworks director of product management, and Owen O’Malley, Hortonworks co-founder and committer to Apache Hive, will discuss how Hive enables interactive query over petabytes of data using familiar SQL semantics.Carter and Owen will present an overview of Hive 0.13, followed by a brief demo, with time for Q & A.

Discover HDP 2.1: Apache Falcon for Data Governance in Hadoop

For the first time, Hortonworks Data Platform ships with Apache Falcon for Hadoop data governance. Himanshu Bari, Hortonworks senior product manager, and Venkatesh Seetharam, Hortonworks co-founder and committer to Apache Falcon, will lead this 30-minute webinar, including:

  • Why you need Apache Falcon
  • Key new Falcon features
  • Demo
    • Defining data pipelines with replication
    • Policies for retention and late data arrival
    • Managing Falcon server with Ambari
    • Time for Q&A

Discover HDP 2.1: Apache Hadoop 2.4.0, YARN and HDFS

The YARN framework introduced as part of Hadoop 2 has prompted the emergence of data lakes, reservoirs and hubs as organizations wake to the capabilities of Enterprise Hadoop in a Modern Data Architecture.
In this 30-minute webinar join Rohit Bakhshi, product manager at Hortonworks, to learn about what’s new for YARN and HDFS and how it is being used by leading organizations to transform their data architectures, using Hadoop as an augmentation to existing systems.

Discover HDP 2.1: Apache Solr for Hadoop Search

Apache Solr is the open source platform for searching data stored in Hadoop. Solr powers search on many of the world’s largest Internet sites, enabling powerful full-text search and near real-time indexing. Whether users search for tabular, text, geo-location or sensor data in Hadoop, they find it quickly with Apache Solr. Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1 includes Apache Solr. In this 30-minute webinar, Rohit Bakhshi, Hortonworks product manager, and Paul Codding, Hortonworks solution engineer will:

  • Describe how Solr works within HDP’s YARN-based architecture
  • Give a brief demo of HDP Search, and
  • Leave time for Q&A at the end

Rohit and Paul will present an overview of HDP Search, followed by a brief demo, with time for Q & A.

Discover HDP 2.1: Apache Storm for Stream Data Processing in Hadoop

For the first time, Hortonworks Data Platform ships with Apache Storm for processing stream data in Hadoop. In this 30-minute webinar, Himanshu Bari, Hortonworks senior product manager, and Taylor Goetz, Hortonworks engineer and committer to Apache Storm, will discuss Storm and stream processing in HDP 2.1, including:

  • Key requirements of a streaming solution and common use cases
  • An overview of Apache Storm 0.9.1
  • Integration of Apache Storm with Apache Ambari

Himanshu and Taylor will present an overview of Storm in HDP 2.1, followed by a brief demo with time for Q & A.

Discover HDP 2.1: Using Apache Ambari to Manage Hadoop Clusters

Apache Ambari is a single framework for IT administrators to provision, manage and monitor a Hadoop cluster. Apache Ambari 1.5.1 includes support for Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1.
In this 30-minute webinar, Jeff Sposeti, Hortonworks senior director of product management, and Mahadev Konar, Hortonworks co-founder and committer for Apache Ambari, will discuss new Ambari capabilities, including:

  • Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1 support, including integration with Apache Falcon, Storm and Tez
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Rolling Restarts
  • Bulk Host Operations

Jeff and Mahadev will present an overview of Ambari 1.5.1 and a brief demo, with time for Q & A.

We hope you can join us!


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