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December 10, 2014
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Discover How the Public Sector Does Hadoop

The public sector is charged with protecting citizens, responding to constituents, providing services and maintaining infrastructure. In many instances, the demands of these responsibilities increase while government resources simultaneously shrink under budget pressures.

How can Intelligence, Defense and Civilian agencies do more with less?

Apache Hadoop is part of the answer. Within the public sector, Hadoop delivers data-driven actions in support of IT efficiency and good government.

Download the White Paper

In one example, the United States Internal Revenue Service had to reduce its auditor headcount due to budget cuts. Hadoop-driven analysis and “robo-auditors” could trace the digital footprint of tax evaders from Internet and social media sites and then provide that information to revenue investigators. Hadoop enables that type of efficient categorization and analysis of large data sets, freeing up resources for higher-value activities in the public sector.

Hadoop’s economic, secure storage and processing gives government agencies new options for optimizing their IT infrastructures and developing new applications. For these reasons, administrators within Intelligence, Defense and Civilian agencies adopt Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) as part of their investments in a modern data architecture.

The following are some of the common public sector use cases described in the white paper:

  • Improve storage efficiency with Hadoop as an active archive
  • Offload ETL workloads to liberate data
warehouse capacity
  • Combine high performance computing
 (HPC) with Hadoop
  • Prevent fraud, waste and abuse
  • Deliver timely, accurate public reporting
  • Analyze citizen engagement with social media data

Read the white paper and follow the Hortonworks blog to learn more about how Hortonworks Data Platform can help the public sector optimize its EDW infrastructure, do predictive analytics and discover new data-driven insight.



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