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September 11, 2014
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Discover How Retailers Do Hadoop

Modern retailers collect data from a multitude of consumer engagement channels, including point of sale systems, the web, mobile applications, social media, and more. They hope to use this data to derive greater customer insights, promote increased brand engagement and loyalty, optimize pricing and promotions, streamline the supply chain, and enhance their business models.

Data from the retailer’s transactional systems has historically been stored in an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or other database, but these traditional data repositories are not well suited for the newer, unstructured data types like log files, social media updates and information from in-store sensors.

Apache Hadoop helps retailers store and manage data from these new sources more cost effectively, and lets them combine it with data they already have from traditional sources to create new efficiencies, opportunities and insights.

Anu Jain, director of enterprise architecture at Target, shares some of Hadoop’s effect in her organization at a Hadoop Summit North America panel. “Companies like Target—bigger companies—we are used to traditional ways of thinking, but [the Hadoop] ecosystem is bringing to the forefront new kinds of possibilities and opportunities.”

Register for the September 22 Webinar

On Monday September 22 at 10am Pacific time, Greg Girard, program director for omni-channel analytics strategies at IDC Retail Insights and Market Ledbetter, vice president for industry solutions at Hortonworks, will host a webinar to explore some of these “possibilities and opportunities.”

Download White Paper

This Hortonworks white paper explores more of the popular use cases driving the rapid adoption of Apache Hadoop in retail enterprises, including:

  • Building a 360° View of Lifetime Customer Value. Retailers interact with customers across multiple channels, yet customer interaction and purchase data is often isolated in data siloes. Few retailers can accurately correlate eventual customer purchases with marketing campaigns and online browsing behavior. Apache Hadoop gives retailers a 360° view of customer behavior, offering increased sales, reduced inventory expenses and decreased churn.
  • Analyzing Brand Sentiment. Retailers lack a reliable way to understand and track how advertising, competitor moves, product launches or news stories impact their brand. Apache Hadoop enables quick, unbiased snapshots of brand opinions expressed in social media. With better understanding of customer perceptions, retailers can align their communications, products and promotions with those perceptions.
  • Optimizing Websites. Online shoppers leave billions of clickstream data trails that can tell retailers the web pages customers visit and what they buy (or don’t buy) on the site. At scale, huge volumes of unstructured weblogs are difficult to ingest, store, refine and analyze for insight. Apache Hadoop can store all web logs, for years, at a low cost, allowing retailers to understand user paths, do basket analysis, run A/B tests and prioritize site updates. This improves online conversions and revenue.

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