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August 15, 2014
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Discover How Telcos Use Hadoop for Service, Security and Sales

The world’s top telecommunications firms adopt Hadoop to gain competitive advantage and to respond to technology-driven changes like increases in both network traffic and the telemetry data captured by network sensors.

The majority of North America’s and Europe’s telcos have chosen Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to meet these challenges. Read the new Hortonworks white paper for a detailed discussion of twenty-one common telco and cable company use cases.

Download the White Paper

With their Modern Data Architectures based on HDP, these firms improve efficiency and capture opportunities in some of these ways:

  • Analyze call detail records (CDRs). HDP facilitates long-term data retention for root cause analysis of dropped calls, even years after the first issue.
  • Service equipment proactively. HDP stores unstructured sensor data from the network. Telcos can apply machine-learning algorithms to this data and derive optimal maintenance schedules by comparing real-time information with historical data.
  • Rationalize infrastructure investments. Using HDP to store and analyze network log data, telcos can understand service consumption in a particular state, county or neighborhood and invest accordingly.
  • Recommend next products to buy (NPTB). An HDP-based data lake gives telco salespeople the ability to make confident NPTB recommendations, based on data from all customers.
  • Allocate bandwidth dynamically. With historical network data, operators visualize spikes and nimbly throttle bandwidth. This helps them maintain service quality and customer satisfaction, and also informs strategic planning to build smarter networks.
  • Develop new products. An HDP-based data lake puts rich product-use data in the hands of product managers, speeding product innovation. Immediate feedback on product launches allows PMs to rescue failures and maximize blockbusters.

Here are some of the perspectives shared by specific telcos that now harness the power of Apache Hadoop:

  • Rogers Communications’ senior director of audience solutions Chris Dingle spoke on the Hadoop Summit 2014 panel “Hadoop in the Enterprise.”
  • Also at Hadoop Summit 2014, Sprint’s Jennifer Lim, lead big data technology architect at the company, took the stage with Hortonworks’ Arun Murthy in a Hadoop Summit keynote “Unlocking Hadoop’s Potential” to talk about some of her team’s successes with the technology.
  • Rob Smith, Verizon Wireless’ executive director for IT described his team’s discovery platform, based on HDP and Teradata, and how the company uses it to reduce customer churn.

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