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February 04, 2013
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Doing More with the Hortonworks Sandbox

The Hortonworks Sandbox was recently introduced garnering incredibly positive response and feedback. We are as excited as you, and gratified that our goal providing the fastest onramp to Apache Hadoop has come to fruition. By providing a free, integrated learning environment along with a personal Hadoop environment, we are helping you gain those big data skills faster. Because of your feedback and demand for new tutorials, we are accelerating the release schedule for upcoming tutorials. We will continue to announce new tutorials via the Hortonworks blog, opt-in email and Twitter (@hortonworks).

When the new tutorials are ready, the update process is a simple with one click of a button. Simply go to the “About Hortonworks Sandbox” icon, and press the Update button. Your initial Sandbox virtual machine installation will remain and only the tutorials will be updated.



One of the other requests you had is to have access to more interesting datasets, for you to experiment more with the Sandbox. First, we designed the Sandbox so that you can add your own data into the Sandbox. Since the Sandbox runs on your own system, you control who has access to that data. Second, if you want to play with external data sets, here are a few resources where you can find publicly available data:

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet downloaded or installed the Sandbox, we encourage you to take part in the excitement. Should you need assistance, please go to the Hortonworks Sandbox Forums. Please join us for the Sandbox Webinar on Tuesday, February 5 at 10 am PST. And finally, check back to learn more about the release of new tutorials.


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