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July 24, 2017
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Don’t Leave Your Customers out in the Cold

A 30-minute pizza delivery window used to be cutting edge, but times have changed. Not only have our attention spans shortened, but as customers, we have higher expectations. We live in the age of right now, “good enough” is no more.

Companies must continually evolve to provide excellence to their customers. It seems the efficiency we once craved is now what we expect as the status quo. This innovation must occur, or companies risk being left behind as yesterday’s news.

When you think about the pizza delivery process, you see how painfully outdated it is. You call in to order, you’re given a 30-minute window to wait, and then you have no idea when your food will arrive. Some companies have tried to start letting you track the delivery progress via a mobile app, but those are still clunky and inexact. There must be a better way, and Big Data is the answer.

Pizza Hut is jumping on board the trend of innovation, being powered by Big Data. They recently announced that they’ll be adding thousands of new drivers and implementing a brand-new delivery algorithm. This system will improve reliability and accuracy of their deliveries by better predicting the amount of time each delivery will take using data about the weather, traffic, local construction, and more.

Constantly Connected

Customers want to be connected, and they want precision. They want to know their pizza will be delivered at 7:13pm by John Smith, driving a blue Honda Civic. They want to know if there will be any delays due to traffic, ducks crossing the street, or the oven needing extra time to preheat. Customers expect specifics, and Pizza Hut aims to deliver on those expectations.

Similar to how Pinsight Media gains actionable insights through mobile data, Pizza Hut will be able to gain a clear view on every delivery, saving time, money, and increasing customer satisfaction in the process.

Customers are the beneficiaries of this new system leading to less waiting, more accuracy, and a more consistent experience. With so many competitors looking to carve out market share, Pizza Hut has determined that the time is now to adapt. In the age of Amazon Prime and Door Dash, delivery has become a prime focus for companies looking to improve. Customers expect their orders in a more timely manner.

We’ve already reached the point where deliveries arrive in a matter of hours. Now, some companies are even looking to the Connected Car to drive the next evolution of home delivery, this time autonomously. This will become a game changer, leading to decreased cost and increased efficiency.

No more wondering when your pizza will arrive. Life is too short for cold pizza – unless that’s the way you want it.

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