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May 03, 2017
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Parametric: Driving Alpha in the Financial Markets

With the San Jose DataWorks Summit (June 13-15) just one month away, we’re busy finalizing the lineup of an impressive array of speakers and business use cases. This year our Enterprise Adoption Track will feature Scott Sovine, Director of Project and Data Management, and Amir Aliabadi, Data Architect, both at Parametric Portfolio Associates, LLC. Also present will be Chris Gambino, Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks.

In my blog, From Summit to Success in Short Order, I wrote about how Scott and Amir attended the 2016 San Jose DataWorks Summit and, through Hortonworks Professional Services, quickly achieved success. You can watch their videos here and here. (See also: How an Investment Management Company Wrangled their Mission Critical Data)

The circle is now complete.

Join Scott, Amir, and Chris on Wednesday, June 14th, at 4:10pm, as they present:
How to Use Innovative Data Handling and Processing Techniques to Drive Alpha in the Financial Markets

For over 30 years, Parametric has been a leading provider of model-based portfolios to institutional and private investors, with unique implementation and customization expertise. Much like other cutting-edge financial services providers, Parametric operates with highly diverse, fast moving data from which they glean insights. Data sources range from benchmark providers to electronic trading participants to stock exchanges etc. The challenge is to not just onboard the data but also to figure out how to monetize it when the schemas are fast changing. This presents a problem to traditional architectures where large teams are needed to design the new ETL flow. Organizations that are able to quickly adapt to new schemas and data sources have a distinct competitive advantage.

In this presentation and demo, Architects from Parametric and Chris Gambino will present the data architecture designed in response to this business challenge. We discuss the approach (and trade-offs) to pooling, managing, processing the data using the latest techniques in data ingestion & pre-processing. The overall best practices in creating a central data pool are also discussed. Quantitative analysts to have the most accurate and up to date information for their models to work on. Attendees will be able to draw on their experiences both from a business and technology standpoint on not just creating a centralized data platform but also being able to distribute it to different units.


Be sure to register for the DataWorks Summit to catch this presentation and many others!


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