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March 23, 2015
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EMC Launches Business Data Lake

Today EMC is launching their EMC® Business Data Lake solution, the first fully-engineered, enterprise-grade solution for a Data Lake running on EMC infrastructure. At Hortonworks, we’ve been assisting customers on their journey to a data lake via a Modern Data Architecture (MDA) and our vision and EMC’s vision are highly complementary and so we’re delighted to be part of the EMC Business Data Lake.EMCBusiness Data Lake

The Data Lake enabled by a Modern Data Architecture allows enterprises to be a Data-First Enterprise. In the Data-First Enterprise data is both a currency and a source of truth to fuel new, disruptive business models. These models can be enabled by advanced analytic apps, powered by Hortonworks Data Platform and its flexible YARN-based architecture.

A Data-First business requires solutions that are engineered for the enterprise. The EMC Business Data Lake delivers an enterprise-grade data lake and the Hortonworks Data Platform delivers Enterprise Apache Hadoop capabilities. Hortonworks and EMC teams worked together on engineering and testing to certify the Hortonworks Data Platform with EMC Isilon®. The rigorous and comprehensive test suite used to certify this integration delivers the confidence that organizations are implementing a hardened and enterprise ready Hadoop solution on Isilon.



We’ve helped numerous customers along their journey to a Data Lake, and through that experience, we find that one of the first steps in that journey is to build a single, new advanced analytic application. This first new analytic application helps to prove the value of Hadoop in the enterprise and allows the customer to begin building the skills required to implement DataLakea full Modern Data Architecture. Once the first successful application has been created, organizations build on that early success which leads to the next analytic application and the next. With the EMC Business Data Lake, enterprises can experience a faster time to value for that first analytic application as they can leverage the data already stored in the EMC infrastructure.


One of the key pillars of Hortonworks business model is our deep ecosystem of partnerships that are built around joint engineering initiatives. Within EMC Business Data Lake there are several products and solutions where Hortonworks has similar engineering relationships. These include the Federation analytics and software layer with the Pivotal Big Data Suite. Pivotal and Hortonworks recently announced a partnership with Pivotal where HAWQ and the Pivotal Big Data Suite will be certified to run on HDP and that Hortonworks will be providing escalation support for the Pivotal HD products. In the analytics and software layer, Hortonworks had deep engineering relationships with SAS and Tableau. We believe that these engineering relationships further solidify Hortonworks as the Hadoop of choice in EMC Business Data Lake.

We are excited about the EMC Business Data Lake launch and invite you to learn more about Hortonwork’s relationship with EMC.

Listen to a replay of the EMC Business Data Lake Virtual Launch


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