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July 24, 2015
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Enabling The World To Become Data-Driven

Today, Rob Rosen, Senior Director Partner Solutions at Platfora, tells us more about the partnership with Hortonworks and how the two companies enable the enterprise to run analytics at scale, in their big data environment.

The Hadoop market has increasingly gained traction in a world that generates over 2 billion gigabytes of data every day. Top enterprises have turned to Hadoop as their solution to better manage, store, and process their structured and unstructured data. In fact, it has become an integral part for many data-driven businesses looking to develop modern data architecture.

Additionally, today’s C-level execs are increasingly looking to extract insights from this data sitting in Hadoop. They require an end-to-end big data discovery solution that enables their business users and data scientists alike to easily and iteratively derive insights from the data.

It’s clear that businesses today need to get strategic when selecting a big data solution for the data management and governance of their Hadoop clusters. The Hortonworks and Platfora partnership enables businesses to meet those needs and increase their enterprise capabilities from their Hadoop investment.

Moving from Big Data 1.0 to 2.0

In the past, Hadoop was simply used as a cost savings solution for IT. Data was moved from large data warehouses to the Hadoop data lake as a cost-effective archiving solution. But today, businesses are looking to leverage and analyze the data for business decisions that directly enhance their line of business revenue.

Businesses also need a visualization and analytics layer on top of Hadoop to make sense of the data lake. In fact, extracting value and insights from data is a necessity for businesses now and Platfora solves this need through its partnership with Hortonworks.

Denise Hemke, Director of Product Management at Platfora, shares her thoughts at Hadoop Summit 2015

Typically, extracting data insights takes months with traditional BI tools that require intense data prep from the data scientist. By enabling business users to do the work that IT traditionally does, businesses can accelerate the time to insight from months to minutes. In fact, I believe that the partnership empowers business users and IT alike as they can both dig into the data in Hadoop and find patterns quickly to inform key business decisions.

The Partnership Capitalizes on the Data Trends

The big data space is noisy, but one of the use cases trending in the market is leveraging data insights to detect security breaches.

The Hortonworks-Platfora partnership enables people to use Hadoop to implement better security into their organizations. For example, doing forensics on a data breach requires analysis of petabytes of data, allowing analysts to uncover access patterns previously unseen by traditional security tooling. However, being able to analyze data at scale was very difficult prior to Hadoop. With the Hortonworks data platform, users can better leverage the data in Hadoop for security breach detection.

Now that users can access data at a large scale, they need a way to take all the different structured and unstructured data, ingest it into Hadoop, and build a multi-structured dataset that they can analyze and look for irregular patterns. Platfora enables business users and data scientists to leverage and access these multi-structured datasets (which is very difficult to accomplish with traditional BI tools). In addition, our Platfora solution extends past the traditional 30-day limit that most security appliances offer, enabling users to analyze the data over a much longer period. This is critical given that 5% of dangerous traffic to the company website comes from criminals who steal information slowly, over longer time periods.

What this Means for You

It’s time to embrace modern data architecture and replace traditional BI tools for one that offers an end-to-end big data discovery solution. This requires businesses to realize that Hadoop is now a core piece of the overall modern data architecture and having Hortonworks and Platfora is essential for these businesses to use the data as a strategic asset.

Set your business up for success by leveraging this partnership between Hortonworks and Platfora.



Marcos Azevedo says:

Hadoop is also core to new systems we develop. It complements traditional database and it boost performance considerably

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