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June 10, 2016
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Thought Leaders Secrets from the Energy Industry

At Hadoop Summit San Jose we are excited to be joined by experts in the Energy Industry. Here are just a few of the sessions focussed on Energy, be that Oil and Gas or Nuclear, but you need to register to attend Hadoop Summit.

A Data Lake and a Data Lab to optimize operations and safety within a nuclear fleet

Speakers: Marie-Luce Picard and Jean-Marc Rangod from EDF

As the world’s leading electricity company, EDF operates 58 nuclear plants in France. The maintenance policy of its generation fleet is optimized to ensure reliability and safety of equipment and systems (e.g. through better diagnosis) and strengthen competitiveness (by improved performance and availability). This policy is based on the analysis of data and documents so far stored in silos, and not always comprehensively analyzed. The use of Big Data Technology allows a centralized, fast and low-cost access to all this information in order to improve operation and maintenance businesses. In this talk we will present the Data Lake built to archive and analyze operating data coming from thousands of sensors, enriched by other data (chemical, test results …). A model has been built on top of HBASE in order to provide efficient access to time-series data through Phoenix queries or using specific GUI or analytics tools. We will also present the added value of data science algorithms analyzing data from the entire fleet for predictive maintenance, or control of contractual agreements within the energy market. Finally we will present the creation of a Data Lab structure in order to leverage the benefits of the Data Lake already in production.

SAP Hana and Hadoop: Better Together: Murphy Oil’s Deployment Experience

Speakers: Mike Orr from Murphy Oil Corporation and Kelly Kohlleffel from Hortonworks

You are an SAP Hana applications enterprise and have tremendous amounts of business data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data scattered across the organization. How are you going to deal with the data proliferation while getting the maximum value from your SAP Hana investment? SAP and Hortonworks’ engineering teams have been working together for several years to help address that challenge and in this session you will learn how Murphy Oil approached the design and implementation of a combined SAP Hana and Hadoop environment for applications, data, and advanced analytics. You will hear how their straightforward approach led to quick wins, but also was effective at solving complex problems. Don’t allow the “noise” to get in your way…SAP Hana and Hadoop are better together and after this session you will be able to follow the Murphy Oil model for success.

From Zero to Data Flow in Hours with Apache NiFi

Speaker: Chris Herrera from Schlumberger 

You have data flowing inside and outside your organization requiring people and time to develop, maintain, and monitor. How can you deploy enterprise data flows that are simple to setup, reliable in transmission, secure end-to-end, and allow for complete visibility into all aspects of the flow in real time? Our team at Schlumberger has found that using Apache NiFi has taken a huge burden off of data flow development and allowed us to focus more on delivering business value. In this session you will learn how we went from “zero to data flow” with Apache Nifi in just a few hours including creating our own set of custom processors specific to our industry. You will see how we used NiFi’s simple, yet powerful, user interface to enable secure, streamlined, real-time access to a variety of distributed data sources and allowed for secure data acquisition, ingestion, and real time data analysis. There’s no reason to continue attacking enterprise data flow challenges with traditional tools and development methodologies – after attending this session you’ll understand how to go from “zero to data flow” in a surprisingly short period of time.

It’s Time: Launching Your Advanced Analytics Program for Success in a Mature Industry Like Oil and Gas

Speakers: Kelly Cook from ConocoPhillips and Kelly Kohlleffel from Hortonworks

Precipitously low oil and natural gas prices, mergers/acquisitions/divestitures, data proliferation, IOT, and the need to drive cost efficiency and effectiveness are combining to force new approaches for Oil & Gas companies to aggressively leverage their data assets. How do you deal with the uncertainty and still get your advanced analytics program up and running and successful? ConocoPhillips and Hortonworks will discuss the challenges, approaches, and initial results seen across the industry and how ConocoPhillips is using Hadoop and the ever-expanding Hadoop ecosystem to lower costs and enable top line revenue and manage margins in a tough environment. You will hear about some of the complex analytics problems that they are taking on and the success that they have had to date. Whether you work in a mature industry or a new up-and-coming area, after this session you will be better prepared to either launch a new analytics program or improve an existing one.


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