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October 22, 2018
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How Financial Services Company is Providing Additional Data Governance to Clients

Check out our recently published customer video! This video gives a look at how Symcor has been able to increase security for clients’ data.

Symcor is one of Canada’s leading providers of business processing and client communications management services, supporting major banks, insurance, retail, and telecommunications companies. It offers item processing, cash management, and integrated statement services; and print and electronic solutions.

Security in the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry encounters a variety of unique challenges with data. These companies not only need the ability to process huge amounts of data from traditional and non-traditional sources, but they also need to ensure the data is secure. This data is then used for actionable intelligence resulting in huge business opportunities.

Fraud is a $2 billion-dollar problem in the financial services industry. Symcor’s clients depend on the signals the company provides them, on whether fraud is occurring, as they use the signals to make business critical decisions.

Data is helping drive the growth at Symcor, where the company provides fraud detection and prevention services to its clients. The biggest challenge the company was facing was how to protect clients’ data by offering digital and data services.

Comprehensive Data Governance Policies

Symcor uses Hortonworks to enable its comprehensive data governance policies, to deliver on clients’ needs and use data in an ethical way. Hortonworks Data Platform handles the large amounts of data being received, and helps to drive data insights for Symcor’s fraud detection and prevention service.

With Apache Ranger and Active Directory, Symcor is able to provide on-demand access to Hadoop for certain periods of time. This results in increased security because no one has full-time access to the Hadoop clusters at any given time.

Format preserving encryption provides additional protection for data-at-rest, and Atlas APIs create data lineage automatically. This means business users can consume metadata to see where their data is on their stack.

Continually Growing Partnership 

The partnership between Symcor and Hortonworks continues to flourish:

“From the beginning, Hortonworks has worked with us to come up with the most innovative enterprise-grade data governance as a first-class citizen in our process, end-to-end. We see our partnership consistently growing in the future.” -Chris Wojdak, Senior Program Managing Architect

By putting a modern data architecture into place, Symcor is achieving significant business value and providing additional security for its clients.

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