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May 05, 2014
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Fino Partners with Hortonworks to Boost Data Science Efficiencies in the Cloud

Fino Consulting is a new Consulting and Systems Integration Partner of Hortonworks serving Fortune 1000 companies with winning business solutions through data science. Fino is an early mover in cloud computing, challenging clients to “Re-think what they know about cloud-computing” to build high-performance sustainable applications and stretch the boundaries of enterprise data. Fino uses HDInsight from Microsoft for client solutions because of its versatile, cloud-based data platform that manages data of any type, while leveraging all the features and functionality of Microsoft’s resources.

Fino’s Scott Ziolko, Director of Data Science, describes the value of partnering with Hortonworks and Microsoft for big data and Hadoop cloud solutions for their clients.

With Fino’s close partnership with Microsoft, this new partnership with Hortonworks offers distinct value to our clients and brings new opportunities to us. Any client that is already working with Microsoft infrastructure now has a solution that works with table storage and that can be read directly into Hadoop.

Working with Hortonworks’ solutions, Fino can take advantage of greater efficiency for data analytics initiatives. The Microsoft network is built to handle significant data volume; with the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), that existing data can be taken directly out of the storage that is already being used. Efficient for both key-value stores (azure table storage) and raw data files (blob storage) for aggregation and analytics, there is no need for setting up yet another copy of data or transfer it across networks and systems.

All of this means that we are better equipped to focus on the business aspects of a client’s big data solutions running Apache Hadoop on HDP at the core. Resources and attention don’t need to be focused on the infrastructure minutia, and can instead be devoted to determining the specific aggregations and reductions of data that make sense for the specific solution.

We are proud to partner with Hortonworks and are confident that this partnership will further enable us to meet the Big Data needs of our clients. Our clients will be able to achieve even greater value by combining the power of Hortonworks’ platform with Microsoft’s infrastructure and Fino’s extensive data science and Big Data expertise.

Learn more about Fino here.


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