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June 27, 2017
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Be First: How Mitsubishi Fuso Pioneers with Automobile Sensors & Diagnosis

We’ve just published our most recent customer case study! This one comes from straight from Japan and is emblematic of the trend towards connected data architectures throughout the North Asian region, and Hortonworks’ continued growth in the same.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (Mitsubishi Fuso) is a leading manufacturer of trucks, buses, and industrial engines. The company has embarked on a massive Big Data transformation to capitalize on the value of large data sets. Included is the sensor data streaming from its vehicles. These sensors allow for tele-diagnosis of vehicle problems, and is part of its Truckonnect service. At its core, Truckonnect runs Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Hortonworks’ premiere cloud solution.

According to Lutz Beck, CIO of Mitsubishi Fuso, “There are two aspects of digital transformation that we are promoting. First is internal organization. We started using Big Data in 2014, and since then, we have set up a special department to collect and analyze various types of data. In other words, we have evolved into a data-driven organization. The other aspect is to provide new insights gained from analyzing the data, and using it to value-add for customers. We think of trucks and buses as “devices” like smartphones. We integrate information from vehicles with backend information and provide this information in the form of different services to users. This creates a new demand, and is also our differentiating point.”

“Many manufacturers are thinking of providing such services but I believe we are the pioneer,” adds Beck.

In May we announced that Mitsubishi Fuso relies on Hortonworks Professional Services to support Mitsubishi’s mission to become a data driven and digital first organization.

You can read more about how Mitsubishi Fuso’s Big Data use case here:

Learn more about Hortonworks drives Big Data transformation in the Manufacturing industry:


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