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September 29, 2011
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Fourteen Reasons to Become a Hortonworker

Hi Folks,

Hortonworks is a fast-growing software company that is looking for new talent that can make a positive impact on our company whether in development, QA and test, support and training or on the business side of the operations.  We recently updated the careers section of our website, adding a number of exciting job openings. We are very interested in filling each of these roles with great people as soon as possible.

Why choose Hortonworks?  Here are fourteen reasons:

#1 Work for a company with a mission. We are architecting the future of big data. As the leading contributor to Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks is helping to revolutionize and commoditize the storage and processing of big data. This is the type of opportunity that comes around only once in a generation.

#2 Work on something that matters. There are thousands of organizations around the world that are using or starting to use Apache Hadoop. They are solving some of the worlds biggest and most important problems. You can make a positive impact each and every day by helping us make Apache Hadoop and our services great.

#3 Get in early. Even though the original Hortonworks team worked on Apache Hadoop for several years while at Yahoo!, Hortonworks is a new company and offers a number of unique opportunities that you simply won’t find at larger companies.

#4 Be proud of your company. We operate under a set of shared values that stress openness, honesty, trust and transparency. We don’t take short cuts just because things can become difficult. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

#5 Join one of the hottest startups in the industry. Big data and Apache Hadoop in particular are among the hottest trends in the IT industry and Hortonworks, as the leading contributor to Apache Hadoop, is right in the middle of it.

#6 All this and we pay you too. Well in fact. Along with mission and fun, we offer highly competitive compensation packages, including stock options.

#7 We even throw in peanuts. Ok, a bit of an (Apache Hadoop) elephant joke, but we don’t skimp on perks. We offer full health and dental benefits (paid 100% by the company), an unlimited vacation policy, the latest Mac laptops and monitors, lunch delivery service and free lunch at least once a week, free drinks and snacks, free gym memberships and more.

#8 Make a name for yourself. The industry is starving for expert Hadoop content and Hortonworkers are regularly being invited to speak at user groups and industry conferences. We  welcome and encourage all employees to blog and otherwise share their Hadoop knowledge with the community.

#9 Learn from some of the best. On the engineering side, Hortonworks employs many of the world’s leading authorities on Hadoop. Check out our founders page for a listing of their impressive backgrounds.On the business operations side, we have many of the leading authorities on creating high value open source businesses, led by Rob Bearden (of JBoss and SpringSource fame).

#10 Wear many hats. Let’s face it, as an early-stage technology company, everyone is expected to do whatever it takes to be successful. If you’re the kind of person that like to gain experience by working on multiple projects and with a lot of different people, Hortonworks is the place for you.

#11 Have fun. Hortonworks is a fun place to work in a hot industry at a very exciting time. There is a tremendous amount of camaraderie throughout the company and we’re looking for talented folks to join the team that thrive in that kind of environment.

#12 Work on Apache open source. We proudly contribute all of our code to the prestigious Apache Open Source Foundation. Thus insuring that our work is instantly available to developers and users all over the world and is guaranteed to last and be used for a long, long time.

#13 You’ve done your research and like what we are doing. Check out our Blog, Twitter feed and our recent presentations if you haven’t already.

#14 Your passion matches our passion. You’ve read through the other 13 reasons and you are psyched to join. We are strong believers that passion is the ultimate competitive advantage and are looking to attract others that have passion for what they do and for our mission.

If you haven’t already, please check out the careers section for a complete listing of current openings. If you have a passion for something that would be helpful to our customers, partners or company that isn’t listed, please reach out to us and let us know.

— E14

(@jeric14, @hortonworks)



Vivek Kulkarni says:

I read many blogs from various companies that are working on Big data and why I should join their company, but THIS one’s really pragmatic, more appealing and I really really liked it. Being an IT student it’d be great opportunity to start my career in such company. I’m really looking forward to join in future. 🙂

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