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March 02, 2017
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Gartner Data and Analytics Summit – Next Gen Data Architectures

Next week (March 6 – 9) Gartner will host their annual Data and Analytics Summit in Grapevine, TX.  This is where analysts from Gartner, vendors and many leaders of businesses of all sizes all get together and talk about data and analytics. Personally, I have not attended the conference for the past few years, but I am looking forward to hearing what folks are doing with modernizing their architectures and how IoT artificial intelligence will feature in plans.

Chief Data Officers (CDO) Circle

One interesting segment of the conference is the CDO Circle – bringing together leaders that are performing this function in their respective companies.  Data is the new currency in the age of digital transformation. This sub-conference will be a fantastic opportunity to network, meet and discuss how companies are addressing the strategic imperatives around data.

Modernizing Data Architectures

Hortonworks is exhibiting at the summit and will also have a track session on the emerging use cases that customers are deploying to modernize their data architectures with Hadoop. For many organizations, the existing architectures that serve the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) do not allow them to go after the next frontier of data types such as web log files, device data streams or other semi-structured data.  And it does not allow them to keep pace with the volumes of data that are being collected across these systems. I will share some real practical ideas on how you can bring Hadoop into the picture to augment and extend the value of your existing investments. Read more on additional EDW Optimization strategies.

The Quest For Faster Horses?

One of the real interesting observations at events like this is to see how the vendors, analysts and buyers deal with disruptive innovations. Henry Ford allegedly said that if he was to ask customers what they needed most from him they would have asked for faster horses. In the data landscape this is for sure happening. Scott Gnau, Hortonworks CTO wrote an interesting blog on how this disruption is playing out for the data and analytics markets.

Come Meet The Team From Hortonworks

Come visit the Hortonworks team at our booth in the exhibition (Booth 804) hall and get a chance to see our Connected Data Platforms in action. Or even win a drone! Also, join us at our track session (Designing Next-Gen Data Architectures to Power Modern Analytics) on Thursday, March 9th at 9:45 at the Grapevine C on level 3 at the convention center.

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