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March 16, 2015
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Get a Jumpstart on your competition with Hadoop

Forrester recently called Apache Hadoop adoption “mandatory” for the enterprise. For most organizations, moving forward with Hadoop is no longer a question of if, but when. Hadoop-powered insight into big data is enabling market disruption in every industry and the market winners are those who handle that data most effectively and at the lowest cost.

As with any new platform, making decisions on how best to implement and for what purpose can be challenging. What data? Which use case? How does this thing work anyway?

Talk to Us About Jumpstart

Success with HDP Jumpstart

Hortonworks created HDP Jumpstart to address these questions. Based on experience working with hundreds of customers worldwide, HDP Jumpstart packages the support, training and services needed to get up and running on Hadoop quickly. Since introducing Jumpstart in late 2014, we’ve honed the offering to match what our most successful customers have done to accelerate their use of Hadoop.

Jumpstart includes an HDP Subscription that bundles expert support with access to self-paced learning on Hortonworks University, and adds up to five days professional services to install and configure HDP. It’s a formula we’ve seen work over and over again.

Use Case Realization in 90 Days

Recently, a large US insurer got started on their Hadoop journey with Jumpstart. They made a focused effort to deliver an initial use case in 90 days. Based on that project, merging customer information residing in multiple systems with new data sources like web activity into a single view, they saw immediate results in improved customer retention and revenue per customer that translated into faster revenue growth for the company. This success set them up to deploy a series of use cases focused on everything from agent productivity to fraud detection.

The way Hadoop – and HDP in particular – is designed makes it possible to start small and grow the scope and value of a deployment quickly. A Hadoop cluster scales linearly, with new commodity servers added as data storage and processing needs grow. And thanks to HDP’s YARN-based centralized architecture, new applications can plug into the cluster and inherit the resource management, security, governance, and manageability of the cluster.


Steps for Success

Nearly every customer we see starts in one of two ways:

  1. Data architecture optimization – to reduce the cost of their data infrastructure by offloading data storage and processing to Hadoop
  2. Advanced analytic application – to realize the new value from their data by deploying a single application

They continue to add new use cases, each delivering tangible return within a defined timeline, as they progress toward a data lake. Today’s competitive environment demands fast results, incremental progress, and flexibility to alter course as conditions change. And that’s exactly what HDP is designed to support.


Jumpstart Now

If you are considering how to get started with Hadoop, talk to us about HDP Jumpstart. From day one you will have access to Hortonworks support engineers who know how to guide you through your architecture decisions and help you avoid problems down the line. Meanwhile, your team can get started building the Hadoop skills that will be critical for long-term success.

It’s your first step toward using data to disrupt your industry and win.


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