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May 16, 2017
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Maximize Agility, Minimize Time-to-benefit – Get Started with Big Data in the Cloud ASAP!

Get the Most Out of Your Big Data Cloud for Enterprises

Big data workloads are moving to the cloud! For most organizations, hybrid deployment across the data center and the cloud will become their new operating reality.  However, the challenge is that for new adopters, the richness of choices available in the cloud can be overwhelming. How can enterprises get beyond this hurdle so they can focus on getting big data analytics workloads up and running immediately? And how can they bridge cloud operations with workloads running in their data centers?

Getting the Most our of your Big Data Cloud

To realize the fast time to benefit, enterprises should not blindly treat the cloud as an extension of their data centers. Lifting and shifting can deliver more “right-sized” deployments than what might be achievable on premises. However, “lift and reshape” strategies will enable enterprises to take fuller advantage of the benefits of cloud deployment.  In addition, remaining connected to workloads and data that continue to reside on premises is critical as well.

Join us on May 25th to learn how to Get Started with Big Data in the Cloud ASAP. We will outline what “lift and reshape really entails,” and how it will accelerate your time-to-benefit and maximize your agility in the cloud.

Can’t make it? No problem! Register anyway – we’ll email the webinar/slides to you. All registrants will get a copy of Ovum’s latest white paper “Getting the most out of your big data cloud”.


Prwatech says:

Despite the fact that industry analysts and specialists agree that Big Data Analytics is the following revolution the field of data analytics, however, how the pattern is to be expanded is as yet a topic of much debate.

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