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May 28, 2013
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Get Started with Analytics with Alteryx and Hortonworks

alteryxthumbIt’s an exciting time in the analytics space. The promise of big data analytics is driving big investment in the companies that are multiplying the benefits of big data by putting it into the hands of business users.

Talk of Big Data and the Ramifications

Every day we hear of the coming benefits of big data. Some benefits have huge ramifications for us – think about how faster medical diagnoses will impact you and your family. Some benefits are more incremental – saving time by having retailers suggest purchases based upon people like us. Businesses are seeing these benefits starting to come to fruition – being more frugal with marketing efforts by targeting only the customers that are most likely to respond, or being able to retain customers that might otherwise switch to another provider. These capabilities drive quantifiable benefits because they are forward looking – they can suggest actions that change outcomes.

Investments in Companies to drive Big Data benefits

As businesses reap these benefits, investors are seeing a tremendous growth opportunity in the companies that can provide these insights. In the past week we have seen significant investments in two of these companies, both partners of Hortonworks, Alteryx and Tableau. But more than providing insight, there is another key difference to what these companies are providing.

Access to Analytics is Multiplying the Benefits

Instead of providing analytics capabilities that are accessible only to IT developers and data scientists, a new breed of tools are making analytics available to business people – the people who understand the business questions, and can find the answers. Alteryx and Tableau are great examples of two companies that have developed tools that provide analytics capabilities on a personal level, for business people that can quickly master it and put it to use.

Alteryx Strategic Analytics can access the data in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and perform statistical, geographic, and even predictive analytics. But the ability to add context by blending Big Data stored in sources such as HDP with other data sources using Alteryx gives analysts a deeper understanding of the reason for a trend and helps predict future outcomes. Alteryx also offers a range of packaged industry-specific analytic solutions that enable organizations to overlay internal data with U.S. census data and syndicated data from dozens of providers, including Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, TomTom, and many others.

Three steps to implementing Hadoop-based Analytics

Alteryx and Hortonworks have just released a whitepaper, “The Business Analyst’s Guide to Hadoop.” Business analysts can read this paper to learn about Hadoop and get a practical 3 step guide to implementing Hadoop-based analytics.  Get the paper and begin experiencing the results that are generating so much excitement in the world of analytics.

Download “The Business Analyst’s Guide to Hadoop” Whitepaper to learn more.


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