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September 17, 2015
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Going Big and Open in Budapest

Hortonworks is a huge supporter of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and fully embrace the processes and procedures through the only 100% open source Hadoop platform HDP. As Forrester VP Mike Gualtieri said in the Forrester Wave “Hortonworks lives and loves open source.” And that will be fully on display at the inaugural at Apache: Big Data Europe 2015 event this year in Budapest, Hungary.


The event will be held 28-30 September at the Corinthia Hotel and Hortonworks will be contributing in a big way as a Diamond Sponsor.

During the event there are many ways you can hear about how we are working with the community to enable new Big Data use cases and new workloads through keynotes and scheduled talks. We are covering a broad range of technologies through 15 different talks during the conference. Some of our best and brightest engineering minds will be there and available to talk. Stop by our booth # 2 at the conference to learn more about how we work with the community and customers.

One of the highlights will be the keynote given by Hortonworks co-founder and Architect Arun Murthy. Arun’s talk is titled “Apache’s Key role in the Big Data Industry” and will be on 28 Sept at 9:40am in the Grand Ballroom. Don’t miss this talk from an Apache Hadoop luminary.

Additionally Arun will participate in a keynote panel session on the Open Data Platform (ODP) initiative. The panel titled ODP: Advancing Open Data for the Enterprise will take place on Tuesday morning. This is a great way to understand the complimentary role the ODP plays with the Apache ecosystem.

Below is a schedule of all the opportunities to hear from Hortonworks at Apache: Big Data Europe 2015. Register here.


MONDAY, 28 September

10:30am @Huba Room

“HBase: State of the Database”

Nick Dimiduk, HBase Engineer, Hortonworks

11:30am @Krudy/Jokai Room

“One-Click Hadoop Clusters – Anywhere (Using Docker)”

Janos Matyas, Sr. Director of Engineering, Hortonworks

11:30am @Dery/Mikszath

“Apache Tez – Helping You Build Your Hadoop Big Data Engines”

Bikas Saha, Engineer, Hortonworks

11:30am @Petofi Room

“Magellan: Geospatial Analytics on Spark”

Ram Sriharsha, Architect, Hortonworks

2:00pm @Kond Room

“Protecting Enterprise Data In Apache Hadoop”

Owen O’Malley, Founder and Sr. Architect, Hortonworks

3:00pm @Arany Room

“IPython Notebook as a Unified Data Science Interface for Hadoop”

Casey Stella, Principal Architect, Hortonworks

4:00pm @Kond Room

“Encryption and Anonymization in Hadoop – Current and Future”

Balaji Ganesan, Sr. Director of Enterprise Security Strategy, Hortonworks

Don Bosco Durai, Enterprise Security Architect, Hortonworks


TUESDAY, 29 September

10:30am @Petofi Room

“Apache Phoenix: The Evolution of a Relational Database Layer over HBase”

Nick Dimiduk, HBase Engineer, Hortonworks

11:30am @Petofi Room

“Adding Insert, Update, and Delete to Apache Hive”

Owen O’Malley, Founder and Sr. Architect, Hortonworks

2:00pm @Huba Room

“More Data, More Problems – A Practical Guide to Testing on Hadoop”

Michael Miklavcic, Systems Architect, Hortonworks

4:00pm @Tas Room

“Fly the Coop! Getting Big Data to Soar with Apache Falcon”

Michael Miklavcic, Systems Architect, Hortonworks


WEDNESDAY, 30 September

11:00am @Tohotom Room

“Hadoop and Kerberos: the Madness Beyond the Gate”

Steve Loughran, Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks

2:30pm @Huba Room

“Using Natural Language Processing on Non-Textual Data with MLLib”

Casey Stella, Principal Architect, Hortonworks

2:30pm @Tas Room

“Hot 100 on Spark – Analyzing Trends in the Billboard Charts”

Michael Miklavcic, Systems Architect, Hortonworks

4:30pm @Huba Room

“Data Science: A View from the Trenches”

Ram Sriharsha, Architect, Hortonworks

Vinay Shukla, Director of Product Management, Hortonworks


Register here for Apache: Big Data Europe 2015 to attend the speaker sessions above and mingle with us at our stand. We hope to see you there!


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