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April 07, 2015
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Going from Hadoop Adoption to Hadoop Everywhere

As we are finalizing our preparations for what will surely be another successful Hadoop Summit Europe event, one thing has become unequivocally clear: the Hadoop challenge is no longer about acceptance. It’s no longer about adoption. It’s about Hadoop being pervasive. Hadoop is everywhere.

As Mike Gualtieri of Forrester wrote in a recent report:

Hadoop is a must-have for large enterprises

I couldn’t agree more with Mike’s assessment, and I encourage you to read the report: “Predictions 2015: Hadoop Will Become a Cornerstone of Your Business Technology Agenda”. And if you are attending Hadoop Summit Europe, you’ll get to hear Mike’s thoughts firsthand in his keynote session entitled “Adoption Is the Only Option – 5 Ways Hadoop Is Changing The World And 2 Ways It Will Change Yours.”

Hadoop is Transforming Every Industry

At Hortonworks, we know it’s not just about the technology, but the way technology is utilized to transform industries. An abundance of new types of data combined with Hadoop’s ability to store and process it at lower costs is opening up new opportunities in a variety of industries.


As a leader in the Hadoop ecosystem, we try to shine a light on innovative ways that enterprises utilize HDP to transform businesses in different industries. I encourage you to check out the Vertical Industry Solutions section of our website that highlights a wide range of transformational use cases across the advertising, financial, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, oil & gas, retail, and telecom industries.

There is also an entire track at Hadoop Summit dedicated to the Applications of Hadoop and the Data Driven Business, as well as a number of other sessions in other tracks that highlight ways that enterprises are optimizing their data architectures and building advanced analytic applications that create new business value. I have a hunch that these presentations will be the most well attended sessions of all.

Hadoop Everywhere Means Any Data, Any Application, Anywhere

The vertical industry use cases mentioned above hinge on consolidating existing and new data sources and joining those sources in ways that deliver insights in ways that were previously both technically and economically impossible.


Being able to process “Any Data” has always been a hallmark feature of Hadoop; be it new data sources such as clickstream, web and social, geo-location, IoT, server logs and other high volume data sets, as well as traditional data sets from ERP, CRM, SCM or other existing applications and data systems.

Any Application” has been made possible by YARN, which opens up Hadoop to existing and new applications. With Apache Hadoop YARN and the proliferation of many types of access methods, from batch to interactive to real-time, it’s never been easier to process and analyze this data. Hortonworks continues to work closely with the ecosystem, via our YARN Ready program, to ensure that popular analytical applications can interoperate with YARN and HDP in a consistent manner. The more than 70 YARN Ready solutions help enterprises leverage their existing skill sets and investments while they make better business decisions by having access to a more complete view of their data.


A number of YARN Ready partners will be represented at Hadoop Summit Europe, as exhibitors or presenters, and there is also an entire Hadoop Access Engines track that will highlight a wide range of batch, interactive, and real-time applications running in Hadoop.

Anywhere” means that Hadoop can be deployed to your environment of choice. HDP supports Linux and Windows operating systems on commodity servers, appliances and all major cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack.


We’re also investing in making the deployment process even simpler for enterprises. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on this topic and consider attending the Microsoft and Google cloud presentations at Hadoop Summit Europe.

Enterprise Readiness Helps Enable Hadoop Everywhere

While it’s clear that Hadoop is ready for the enterprise, that doesn’t mean that we stop our work on enterprise readiness. In fact, it’s just the opposite. There are more security, governance and operational advancements taking place in the Hadoop ecosystem now than ever before.


Over the coming days, please pay attention to blog posts discussing important new operations, security and governance functionality supported by Hortonworks.

In fact, there is an entire track at Hadoop Summit Europe dedicated to enterprise readiness topics, with speakers from enterprises, ecosystem partners and, of course, Hortonworks.

See the Momentum for Yourself!

This is an exciting time for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. The community has been at this for a while, and we now see Hadoop being used everywhere. If you’d like to see the Hadoop momentum for yourself and you can’t join us next week in Brussels, then come join us at Hadoop Summit in San Jose starting June 9th.


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