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December 05, 2013
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A Roadmap for Hadoop and OpenStack Integration

A recent survey conducted by the OpenStack foundation shows incredible adoption in the enterprise. Cost savings and operational efficiency stand out as the top business motivators that are driving broad adoption of OpenStack across industry verticals. It was of particular interest to see that roughly 30% of the deployments are in production. Above all, I was definitely not surprised to see Hadoop amongst the top 10 workloads on OpenStack.

Hadoop is the Perfect App for OpenStack

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.18.54 PMMany of our customers are looking towards Hadoop as a greenfield use case for OpenStack because Hadoop, unlike other enterprise applications, has very few legacy processes attached to it. It eliminates the obstacles to adoption.

However, as Hadoop gains broad acceptance across organization, more customers face the classic operational challenges of installation, management and support of multiple clusters for multiple test/dev/staging/production environments. It is complex.  All the while, they must keep operational expenses and upfront capital expense outlays to a minimum. This problem is more pronounced for dev/test Hadoop clusters as these are being provisioned/decommissioned most frequently and undergo maximum change. The infrastructure level flexibility provided by OpenStack holds the key to solving this problem.

An Open Roadmap

For the last ten months we have been closely collaborating with the OpenStack community to enable Hadoop to run on OpenStack through project Savanna – efficiently and with a 100% open source approach. Thus far, a lot of work has been completed but there is a lot left to be done.  As part of our commitment to the open community we have published our roadmap for this integration to our website and we invite you to not only review this work, but to get involved.

We will continue to update the labs page with the key use cases we uncover from our customers and the features to address those use cases. You will also be able to keep tabs on when these features will be available, where to download them and all the documentation and information around them.

Please take a look at progress so far and get involved!


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