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March 15, 2014
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The Hadoop Ecosystem and a Modern Data Architecture

We’ve said many times that in order for Apache Hadoop to succeed as the next generation data platform and power the Modern Data Architecture there must be a thriving ecosystem of enterprise vendors around it. It’s been core to our strategy from day one to foster these ecosystem vendors and work collaboratively to make them successful.

Download our Whitepaper: Hadoop and a Modern Data Architecture.

Our strategy of delivering enterprise Hadoop  as 100% open source has resulted in close alignment and tight partnerships with a broad Hadoop ecosystem with vendors large and small including major data management leaders like SAP and Teradata.

These partners contribute to and augment Hadoop with given functionality, and this combination of core and ecosystem provides compelling solutions for enterprises whatever their use case. Major infrastructure vendors like Microsoft, Red Hat and Rackspace are contributing to the future of Hadoop and integrating their tools to enable the enterprise to take advantage of the promise of Hadoop. Leading data management and analytics vendors such as Teradata and SAS are integrating in way that creates seamless interoperability with enterprise Hadoop.

Ecosystem Backing for Enterprise Hadoop Vision

What do those partners have to say about our vision for Enterprise Hadoop and the modern data architecture it enables?


As we work with many partners across many ecosystems, Hortonworks is central to our strategy in working with the Hadoop ecosystem. The Hortonworks vision for Enterprise Apache Hadoop delivered as 100% open source is aligned with our strategy for bringing Hadoop to Windows.
Herain Oberoi, Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft


The Hortonworks vision for driving innovation of Enterprise Apache Hadoop with open communities is the right approach for customers. It is the same approach Rackspace follows with OpenStack. Through our partnership with Hortonworks and a shared commitment to expanding Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem via an open approach, Rackspace is helping customers succeed with big data and Hadoop in the cloud.
John Engates, Chief Technology Officer, Rackspace

Red Hat believes in the power of community driven innovation and its proven ability to rapidly deliver enterprise open source software. We are aligned with Hortonworks’ vision and the strategy that open source Apache Hadoop is a key enabling technology to faster time-to-results and lower total cost-of-ownership for organizations worldwide.Greg Kleiman, Director, Strategy, Storage and Big Data, Red Hat

SAP HANA platform works together with Enterprise Apache Hadoop and SAP IQ to create a powerful, highly distributed, elastic platform incorporating a data lake. We support Hortonworks’ approach in delivering Enterprise Hadoop to help enable the journey from analytic applications to data lakes.David Parker, VP Big Data, SAP


Hortonworks’ vision for Enterprise Apache Hadoop with SAS’ powerful business analytics will provide an effortless way for customers to expand the reach of advanced analytics within their organization. We are supportive of Hortonworks approach, as this will empower our joint customers to drive smarter, faster decisions and capitalize on new insights for their businesses
Elishia Rousos, SAS Sr. Alliance Manager, Technology Portfolio. 


Hortonworks’ vision for Enterprise Apache Hadoop – developed completely in the open and fully integrated with existing data architectures – is the right vision, and the one our customers depend on for their data lakes.
Scott Gnau, President, Teradata Labs

Integrating Hadoop in a Modern Data Architecture

There are many different points of integration that the ecosystem uses to tie their products into Hadoop enabling the enterprise to reuse their existing skills.

Examples of partner integrations include:

Business Intelligence and Analytics:  All of the major BI vendors offer Hadoop integration, and specialized analytics vendors offer niche solutions for specific data types and use cases.

Data Management and Tools: There are many partners offering vertical and horizontal data management solutions along side Hadoop, and there are numerous tool sets – from SDKs to full IDE experiences – for developing Hadoop solutions.

Infrastructure: While Hadoop is designed for commodity hardware, it can also run as an appliance, and be easily integrated into other storage, data and management solutions both on-premise and in the cloud.

Systems Integrators: Naturally, as a component of an enterprise data architecture, then SIs of all sizes are building skills to assist with integration and solution development.

Vendors at each of these layers help complete the modern data architecture that is being used to power the next generation of analytic applications for the enterprise.



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