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May 21, 2013
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Hadoop, Hadoop, Hurrah! HDP for Windows is Now GA!

HDP for WindowsToday we are very excited to announce that Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows (HDP for Windows) is now generally available and ready to support the most demanding production workloads.

We have been blown away with the number and size of organizations who have downloaded the beta bits of this 100% open source, and native to Windows distribution of Hadoop and engaged Hortonworks and Microsoft around evolving their data architecture to respond to the challenges of enterprise big data.

With this key milestone HDP for Windows offers the millions of customers running their business on Microsoft technologies an ecosystem-friendly Hadoop-based solution that is built for the enterprise and purpose built for Windows. This release cements Apache Hadoop’s role as a key component of the next generation enterprise data architecture, across the broadest set of datacenter configurations as HDP becomes the first production-ready Apache Hadoop distribution to run on both Windows and Linux.

Additionally, customers now also have complete portability of their Hadoop applications between on-premise and cloud deployments via HDP for Windows and Microsofts’s HDInsight Service.

Enterprise Hadoop Momentum

Since its beta availability, we’ve been working with customers across a wide range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, financial services, retail and government. Here are just a few examples of the tremendous opportunity those customers are seeing:

  • Automotive – a major automotive company wants to use HDP on Windows to create a centralized repository for all of the sensor data collected from their cars. The refinement and exploration of the data trends and patterns found through driving habits, maintenance and repair data and myriad other signals will be used to further improve the quality of their cars.
  • Healthcare – a major healthcare applications provider is looking to build the next generation of healthcare apps that integrate patient health record data with clinical study and FDA data so that the customer experience is enriched and provides a higher level of health care services at a lower cost.
  • Financial services – multiple major financial services organizations are looking to create centralized repositories across different divisions enabling them to explore and gain deeper insight into customer risk patterns.
  • Manufacturing – a major manufacturer of electronics will create a centralized repository of machine generated data coming from the production lines and compare and analyze that data with part failure and return data enabling them to identify and predict problems in production and increasing the quality of their products.

This is just a small sample of the emerging use cases for HDP on Windows. You can explore how Hadoop fits into your data architecture here.

Availability & Training

Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows is now available for download at:

We also have training specifically designed for HDP on Windows, you can get more information here:



Charles Cai says:

is this HDP 1.3 or HDP 1.1 only (the latter is available) …would love to hear when 1.3 for Windows will be available!

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