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March 27, 2013
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Hadoop Market Momentum and You

On 27th March, the Wall Street Journal published an article ‘VCs Bet Big Bucks on Hadoop’ and it seems clear that the market is going to be huge. But what does that mean to you and your personal skills investment? Here’s our view:

Hadoop is HOT

Hadoop is incredibly hot right now as the number of available jobs continues to grow enormously (hey – we even have a bunch of our own right here).

Indeed’s Job Trends shows Hadoop as 7th hottest skill and it’s in great company alongside those app development skills such as iOS, Android and jQuery. I guess that’s to be expected of course: insights from big data is the fuel to smartest apps of the future.

The Hadoop trend itself is fairly clear. In growth terms, that is pretty explosive!

Indeed Job Trends


A quick search on LinkedIn will pull back around 1200 Hadoop jobs right now (it was 1281 when I checked). And you can also look at the Skills page to see the associated set of component technologies and their relative growth.

Hortonworks is HOT

Apart from the WSJ, just last week, MomentumIndex called out Hortonworks as the 2011 Startup with the most Momentum from a pool of 900 startups being tracked from that year.

We also know when we talk to customers that they’re excited about our approach to pure, community-driven, open source Hadoop. We know developers are excited to get hands on with Hadoop via the Sandbox. And we say great public responses like those we saw at Hadoop Summit Amsterdam, that our approach is the right one.

Hadoop, Hortonworks and YOU are HOT

Hortonworks believes in Hadoop and we believe in the power of community-driven open source. We know that this is just the beginning for Hadoop and we back everyone investing their skills in Hadoop, and taking this journey with us. All the way.

Get Started: You can get started by downloading our Sandbox – it’s a VM package containing everything you need to run a single node cluster (I love that expression!) and is packed with tutorials and demos.

Get Connected: Stay in touch. When we say community we mean it – come follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn– we want to hear from you as to how we’re doing to provide you with the tools and capabilities to do what your business is demanding. Find a Hadoop User Group (HUG), and come along to the Hadoop Summit.

Get Certified: If you want to differentiate yourself and grab one of those jobs, then you can train and certify with us too. All of the details on that are here.

Dive in and enjoy.


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