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April 30, 2012
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Hadoop Observations from the U.K.

As part of Big Data Week, Dan Harvey of the London Hadoop User Group organised an afternoon session for the usergroup, which we were glad to sponsor, along with Canonical and Facegroup. I had the pleasure of presenting my view of the current and future status of Apache Hadoop to an audience that ranged from those curious about Hadoop to heavy users.

Every talk of the day was excellent, from the use cases by Datasift, Mendeley and MusicMetric, to the talk by Francine Bennett of MastodonC on the CO2 footprint of different cloud computing infrastructures, including a live dashboard on the current CO2/hour of many cloud infrastructure sites.

In my discussions with attendees, I was impressed how broadly Hadoop is starting to be adopted in the U.K. There is adoption from “pure data” companies like Mendeley, DataSift, MusicMatch,, as well as media companies and financial organisations. London is a centre of finance and data and as such, from a Hadoop perspective, it is a source of data waiting to be stored and mined.

The combination of enterprises, web companies and the infrastructure developers such as Canonical and -as of this week- Hortonworks, means that London and the South of England has a good opportunity to grow it’s big data community centred around Hadoop.

Steve Loughran
Bristol, England


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