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September 23, 2016
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How to Harness the Power of Data-in Motion: Webinar Series


We recently concluded this webinar series, with 7 webinars and 77 questions answered. All webinars, slides, Q&A and related info are available below. Should you have any more questions, anytime, we encourage you to check out the Data Ingestion & Streaming track of Hortonworks Community Connection where an entire community of folks are monitoring and responding to questions. You may also want to check out our HDF home pageHDF support and HDF operations training pages.


Introduction to Hortonworks DataFlow

Learn about Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) and how you can easily augment your existing data systems – Hadoop and otherwise.  Learn what Dataflow is all about and how Apache NiFi, MiNiFi, Kafka and Storm work together for streaming analytics. Webinar includes live demo/

On-Demand Webinar Intro to HDF    |   Slideshare   |  Blog with 25 Q&A

Make Your Big Data Ecosystem Work Better for You: HDF Certification Program

How Hortonworks DataFlow and the HDF Certification Program make it easier and faster to integrate different systems together, with highlights on the latest processors added to Apache NiFi for Kafka, IoT, Slack, and more, all designed to accelerate your big data project and free-up resources for innovation.

On-Demand Webinar HDF Certification   |   Slideshare   |  Blog with links for HDF Certification Program

Enterprise Readiness for Data in Motion: HDF 2.0 and Ambari

Big data projects are only as valuable as their results – and the path it takes to get there isn’t always easy. Learn about enterprise readiness features of Hortonworks DataFlow 2.0 with Ambari and Ranger for integrated installation, deployment and operations of data in motion components for streaming analytics of Apache NiFi, Kafka and Storm.   

On-Demand Webinar HDF 2.0 and Ambari    |   Slideshare  |  Blog with How-To Links & 11 Q&A

Real World Use Cases of Real-Time DataFlows in Record Time

How real-world enterprises leverage Hortonworks DataFlow to enable new business opportunities, improve customer retention, accelerate big data projects from months to minutes through increased efficiency and reduced costs.

On-Demand Webinar HDF Real World Use Cases    |   Slideshare Blog with case study links plus Q&A

How-To Guide for New Features of Hortonworks DataFlow 2.0

Guide to the newest features of Hortonworks DataFlow highlighting the new processors in Apache NiFi such as Slack, MQTT,  Apache NiFi multi-tenancy,  new framework of zero master clustering, and edge intelligence powered by Apache MiNiFi.

On-Demand Webinar Guide New Features HDF 2.0   |   Slideshare   |  Blog with 12 Q&A

Edge intelligence for IoT with Apache MiNiFi

Apache MiNiFi is designed to make it practical to enable data collection from the second it is born, ideal for IoT scenarios where there are a large number connected devices or a need for a smaller and more streamlined footprint than Apache NiFi. Learn how Apache MiNiFI works, and see a live demo on how it enables edge data collection from the likes of connected cars, log services, Raspberry PI’s and more. 

On-Demand Webinar Edge Intelligence with Apache MiNiFi     |  Slideshare    |  Blog with 10 Q&A

Apache NiFi, Kafka and Storm: Better Together

Apache NiFi, Storm and Kafka augment each other in modern enterprise architectures. NiFi provides a coding free solution to get many different formats and protocols in and out of Kafka and compliments Kafka with full audit trails and interactive command and control. Storm compliments NiFi with the capability to handle complex event processing.

Learn how Apache NiFi, Storm and Kafka can augment each other for creating a new dataplane connecting multiple systems within your enterprise with ease, speed and increased productivity. Webinar includes live demo.

On-Demand Webinar Apache NiFi Kafka Storm     Slideshare    |   Blog with 15 Q&A


Design a live data flow in 7 minutes, screenshots of provenance capabilities  – Slideshare




Ashley I Galvan says:

Would love to learn and join this webinar.

Anna says:

Hello Ashley, to confirm, you will need to click on the webinar of interest and click on the orange ‘Attend” button.

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